Bodalla Public School create a bush tucker garden

It was a great start to NAIDOC Week at Bodalla Public School when they officially launched their bush tucker garden.

Year 5/6 Jaguars have been planning the garden since middle of term 3 in 2017. At the start of 2018 the students started designing and making models of the bush tucker garden and last Monday the garden was open for all to see.

Bodalla Public School class teacher, Gabby Simpson said the students had designed and built the garden from scratch.

“I’m incredibly proud of everything the students have achieved and the team work that has gone into the project along with their knowledge of bush tucker is simply amazing.

“The project met part of the history unit in class which also touched on literacy, numeracy and science,” Mrs Simpson said.

They chose and learnt about each of the plants which included dampiera, poroo, wondarmer, wombat berry, native hedge, Snowy River mint, grevillea soopa doopa, river mint, native grape, crowcamidym berry, blue tongue, karkalla, native ginger, long folia, Illawarra plum, macadamia tree, lilli pilli, Davidson plum and finger limes. The students have also put together a booklet containing information about all the bush tucker plants for the information of visitors.

The students were ably helped by a number of volunteers along with donations of materials by various businesses in town. Bodalla Public School and the Jaguar’s would like to thank facilitator for Narooma Schools as Community Centres, Tashe Long, Rachael Niemoeller, Gabrielle Powell, Anita Macartney, Glenn Brinckley, David Rice and Jason Rice.