Dog park is plenty of fun if we obey all the rules

Ready for training.

Ready for training.

Woof woof! How lucky am I that there are so many places in Eurobodalla Shire where I can have fun with my human family.

My owner and I love living here. We go for long walks on beaches, stroll in parks, and saunter along foreshore walkways.

I especially like NATA Oval in Narooma. This big open space is fully fenced for me and all my doggie friends, so I feel really safe.

My owner unclips my lead and I am let loose to stretch my legs with a great run. We play ball, which is thirsty work, so it’s good there is drinking water for me.

There is even a dispenser of those little plastic bags that my owner uses to clean up my number twos!

I meet lots of local friends and visitors too. You should see them leap out of the car in a hurry to get a breath of sea breeze and enjoy some park fun.

It would be great if there were a few more trees, as I love to relax in the shade when I’m feeling hot. And really good if there were some of those seat things for the humans, as they often need to rest too.

On Saturday afternoons I meet my doggie school buddies at NATA Oval. I get so excited that I nearly wag my tail off! Lots of other humans give me pats so I feel very welcome and loved.

I learn to be on my best behaviour around all these people - to sit, stay, and wait for special commands. I’m pretty good at this and earn lots of yummy treats.

But sometimes other dogs aren’t well behaved and should be put back on their lead.

Sometimes humans are not very polite to each other either, which makes me sad. Seems to me a few simple rules would help.

Us dogs should return when our owners call, and we should not hassle other dogs or people.

Humans should respect each other’s right to use this public space, and if they are worried about us wait until the area is clear.

After all, NATA Oval is for everyone to enjoy. Woof, Woof!

For doggie school details contact Narooma Dog Training Club on 9458 953 281.