Impressive players in International League Tag

Dawso's International League Tag squad.
Dawso's International League Tag squad.

Round 12 saw the Narooma Devils Junior Rugby League Club host the Bombala Blue Heelers at Bill Smyth Oval for one of the last matchups before heading into the finals.

This weeks feature team is the International Girls League Tag Team coached by Graeme Dawson with assistance from Sean Jorgenson and Georgie Brown.

Player Profiles

Ruby Benic: A hard running first year player who gives her all every week and is constantly improving.

Montana Middlemiss: What this diminutive young first year lacks in size she makes up for in spark, energy, and noise! Reliable and probably our most enthusiastic trainer.

Summa Shears: One of the team’s experienced hands, a co-captain and plays a part in nearly all of our tries.

Chelsea Laurie: Another of the old hands in the team, Chelsea is our go to impact player when we need some creativity in the halves.

Merindah ‘Chicken Chips’ Ladmore: Never ceases to amaze me. Fast and elusive, she can play anywhere on the field. A favourite and brings cheek to the team.

Jane Hudson: A first year player, quiet as a mouse but has endless potential and is one to watch going forward.

Marnie Arentz: One of the more experienced players, Marnie puts in massive effort every week and drags the other forwards along with her. 

Lauren ‘Pony Tail’ Barry: Recently this girl has morphed into a defensive animal on the wing! Lauren is probably now the best footballer in the Barry family.

Kailey Jorgenson: Blinding pace and boundless enthusiasm. A specialist winger that chases harder than anyone else.

Sami Dawson: The starting dummy-half, Sami has a solid set of hands and is a great defender.

Rose Longbottom: Rose is an incredible metre maker up the middle and always brings positivity to the team.

Makayla Morris: The glue that keeps our team together on field. Maka is our kicker, co-captain and main play maker. An integral part of our side.

Tara Naylor: Lightning quick, Tara came up from the 12s with huge expectations and hasn’t disappointed.

Teagan ‘Mighty Mouse’ Nicholson: A first year player with a knack for (accidently) bowling over the opposition. Can play full back or wing. A valuable asset.

Josie Stewart: Has overcome a training injury to come back stronger than ever. Josie runs hard with enthusiasm up the middle.

Sienna Anderson: Has come a long way from rookie to run-on fullback. When Sienna pins her ears back, she’s hard to stop.

Hayley Stubbs: Our utility player, Hayley can and does play everywhere we need her to. Always impressive.

Aloha Thompson: Probably the fittest player in our team. When it all comes together, lookout!

Sarah Spooner: Deceptively quick and always improving her skills, Sarah is solid and reliable.

Eliza Gray: A rookie to watch. Eliza is super fit, and is improving her ball skills every week. Brings a great attitude to everything she does.

Maddison ‘Mad Dog’ Rose: Recently had a break out game and is going from strength to strength every week.