Youngsters love playing league tag

The Narooma Junior Devils' 7-9 League Tag side.
The Narooma Junior Devils' 7-9 League Tag side.

This week’s feature team for the Narooma Devils Junior Rugby League is the ages 7-9 League Tag Girls.

Narelle Constable and Kate Klose have had a great first season coaching the girls, and it is fantastic to see how such a diverse age group have supported each other so positively.

It’s a pleasure to see how ten players who were new to the game have grown and developed their skills so quickly. It has been a real team effort with all of the players so keen.

Taya Constable – Taya was initially shy, but now is keen to run the ball all the time. She spreads out well in defence and is proud to pull off some good tags.

Lakeisha Little-Parsons – Lakeisha is improving her ball skills, passing well and learning the operation of the game. She is keen to run the ball and tag the opposition.

Anikah Holzhauser – Anikah is quite a skillful player. She began the season with a good understanding of the game. A fast runner who can duck and weave, Anikah has scored some good tries. She is also a great defender and loves to play.

Madison Salway – Very enthusiastic, Madison is not afraid to run the ball and has really enjoyed being part of our team. Madison has learned to play dummy half positions well and enjoys training sessions too.

Eva Klose – Eva has enjoyed practicing lots of skills this season. She likes to run the ball to score tries and is keen for drills at training.

Aleya Almond – Sometimes uses the goose step when running to trick the opposition, Aleya enjoys every game with a big smile on her face. She likes to defend and kick goals.

Ilah Constable – Ilah makes some great tags in defence, as she is quick to move up to meet the opposition. Ilah has been able to run straight through to score lots of tries this season.

Reagan Stubbs – Keen to play a leader’s role in the team, Reagan is a determined, quick ball runner who has scored lots of tries, and also loves to make some great tags in defence.

Shamiyah Kay-Hammond – Shamiyah is our experienced player who attacks well, often running the full length of the field to score a lot of tries. She is also an amazing defender who has stopped the opposition with some great tags this season. One of our first receivers and a good all-rounder.

Caprice Rose – Caprice is a quick runner who can step the opposition to score many tries. She is one of the team’s oldest players who has helped develop and guide the team in her role as first receiver. Caprice is also great in defence and has a strong team morale.

Mhia Jorgensen – Mhia been a great asset to our team in her role as first receiver. She has led by example with her on-field organisational skills, whilst continually being so supportive of the younger players. She has also had many good runs this season and pulled off great try saving tags.