Letters to the editor

LOOKING UP: Jason Hextell gave NAB the thumbs down when it announced it would close its Narooma branch. He got good news on Monday.
LOOKING UP: Jason Hextell gave NAB the thumbs down when it announced it would close its Narooma branch. He got good news on Monday.

NAB responds to community

To the Narooma community: thank you for inviting us to your recent community meeting at Club Narooma to talk about the future of the local NAB branch.

In our conversations with the community, your passion for your town is clear, and that really came through.

Importantly for me, it was a chance to listen and hear directly from you about how important the branch is in your community, how we can better support elderly customers, and our business customers.

Listening to our customers and the community is something everyone at NAB is committed to because it’s how we will learn and improve so we can be a better bank.

Listening also enables us to make better decisions and on the night I promised to come back to you about what the plans are for our Narooma branch.

We know the community wants the NAB Narooma branch to stay open. We want to stay in the Narooma community too, but the way our customers are banking is changing rapidly. It’s a reality that the business at this branch has consistently declined over the past few years.

To keep the branch open, we need your support. We will be re-assessing the NAB Narooma branch in January 2020. If we can sufficiently grow the business at the NAB Narooma branch together between now and January 2020, we would like to continue to have a NAB branch in Narooma.

This is not something NAB has done before, but we know we need to do things differently to be a better bank and we are supportive of trying this new approach with your community.

We are looking forward to working together and ask the Narooma community to back us as we work on turning this branch around.

Our local NAB leaders, Marnie and Paul, are keen to work with our existing and new customers on doing this together. You can reach Marnie on 0447 107 950 and Paul on 0437 632 253.

Krissie Jones

NAB Executive General Manager, Retail

Thoughts on road kill

Due to the current drought, many more native animals are grazing on roadside grasses.

Consequently, many are killed by passing traffic. This is a sad situation. Often I see some of the carcasses painted with a cross. I doubt this has any religious purpose, and the reason for the marking is unknown to me. But it does indicate some people are concerned at the carnage. I have a suggestion to to try and salvage something out of the situation. Could it be made possible for fresh carcasses, especially of larger kangaroos, be taken to Mogo Zoo to be fed to the many carnivores kept there? 

Currently, only crows and blowflies benefit from the slaughter.

Frank O’Brien


Winter thanks

We would like to say a big thank you to Narooma and Bermagui residents for their incredible support of Foodbank this winter through the Woolworths winter fundraising appeal.

With demand for food relief outstripping supply, you have significantly helped warm-up winter for some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

16 years and 16 million kilograms of food donated -  that is the equivalent of over 30 million meals donated to Foodbank by Woolworths since our partnership began in 2002.

And this winter, thanks to customers, that number is growing even larger, providing much needed help to some of the 3.2 million Australians who require food relief assistance each year.

Narooma and Bermagui residents helped us reach our national goal of providing 762,948 meals to Australian families.

Ben Sealey