Letters to the editor

MARVELLOUS MARMALADE: Narooma's Carolyn Low is still celebrating her Royal Melbourne Show mandarin marmalade win. And now she's brewing up more.

MARVELLOUS MARMALADE: Narooma's Carolyn Low is still celebrating her Royal Melbourne Show mandarin marmalade win. And now she's brewing up more.

Marvellous marmalade

Thank you so much for the article the Narooma News, October 3, 2018, re: ‘Carolyn’s Marvellous Marmalade Wins Over’. I’m over the moon, all my friends and dog club members have congratulated me.

I’m going to frame the page and exhibit it at our market stall. I already have received phone orders and my husband called into the chemist at Narooma yesterday, they want me to bring down a big basket of jams and pickles, etc.

I’m never going to get out of the kitchen. It was a really excellent article that covered all bases.

Carolyn Low


Insatiable activists

When is there ever going to be an end to the insatiable demands of various activists upon us? I refer to the protestations regarding the plan to remove some trees from Corunna State Forest to enable the better growth of those remaining. 

Eurobodalla has over 1300 square kilometres of National Parks. Despite the best efforts of NP staff they are unable to adequately manage this huge area. The result is increasing density of trees and undergrowth that leaves a huge firebomb sitting upwind of us when the bad fire days arrive. In the first days of European settlement our forests are reported as being open enough to drive a carriage through; or as the Aboriginal said, "If you can't throw a spear through it it's no good."

State Forests are much better managed and are there expressly for the purpose of providing us with timber. I would have thought that the fact that timber is our only renewable resource would appeal to Green groups; but apparently nothing is safe from their desire to control us all. Do these people not have timber furniture, or floors, or houses; do they not use paper?

The 'discovery' of endangered species is now almost a cliche in these kinds of protests. How much of those massive National Parks have been surveyed for these creatures? This community is not being well served by this zealotry.

Alan Burdon

Dignams Creek

Wait is over

Families in the Eurobodalla now have access to the new Muddy Puddles Therapy Centre in Batemans Bay. This exciting new facility has been over three years in the making and started as an idea for attracting more services to the region for children with a disability. 

Already providing services to over 80 children per month, supply cannot keep up with demand. We plan to expand the team to meet the growing needs of families. We are looking for innovative and passionate therapists and educators to join our team to create something really special for the community in the Eurobodalla. With plenty of space for individual consultations and group development programs, and lovely sensory spaces, the new building is ticking all the boxes for families. 

The community is invited to the official opening of Muddy Puddles on Friday 19 October at 2pm. The opening will be a chance to thank all those who played a part in the Muddy Puddles Therapy Centre and for people to have a look through the fabulous building.

Cate McMath

CEO Muddy Puddles

The Killing Path

Council employees have laid poison baits in the bushes at the side of the popular Dalmeny cycle/walking path in order to kill a few pesky rabbits.

The Pindone poison used can also be harmful to domestic dogs, cats, and wildlife and the signs along the way warn people to keep their dogs from roaming. Not a happy welcome for holiday visitors to our friendly Nature Coast!

Susan Cruttenden