Letters to the editor

Silence, please

Sunday, November 11, is a very special day.

It’s the centenary of the day that World War I ended – a war which claimed the lives of an unbelievable 15-to--20 million people.

This Sunday deserves extra special recognition. 100 years ago, locals spontaneously and joyously celebrated the return of peace. They prayed that the conflict that had just ended would be “the war to end all wars” and the lives of the 61,700 Australians who had died (including 200 from the NSW South Coast) would not have been needlessly lost.

A year later, King George V asked Australians to simply pause for two minutes at 11am on every 11th November – for one minute to honour those who fought and were killed in the war and for one minute to honour the wives, the children, the families in Australia who were equally deeply affected by the conflict.

He asked that "all locomotion should cease, so that, in perfect stillness, the thoughts of everyone may be concentrated on reverent remembrance" of the suffering this war had caused.

It would be appropriate to again pause at 11am this Sunday to honour all Australians who have fought for our country, to remember the impact that their service has had on those left at home, and to reflect on the immense benefits peace has brought to our country and this area.

Remembrance Day gatherings are being held all along the South Coast. I urge everyone who can possibly attend their local event to do so.  I also urge those who are unable to attend to at least recognise this important 100th anniversary of the World War I Armistice by simply pausing for a minute or two at 11am, and to join our community in again observing this significant 100-year-old tradition of reflective silence.

Peter Lacey

President, South Coast History Society


CORUNNA: A letter writer wants readers to continue the fight to prevent further logging in Corunna Forest.

CORUNNA: A letter writer wants readers to continue the fight to prevent further logging in Corunna Forest.

Plea for Corunna

We are writing as some of those who are meeting peacefully at Corunna Forest to bring to attention our concern about the logging of its trees.

Anyone that drives past the forest would be disturbed by what they see.

We are anxious for those living in Mystery Bay, with summer ahead of us, and the potential of fires - the logged areas have remaining forest waste which will not be removed till next winter.

We write as parents, representing all parents who love their children and long to give them a future - a future with fresh air and fresh water, the very basics of our daily functioning.

We understand various industries require logs, and plantations can provide those needs.

We do not need to harvest native forests.

We write as counsellors interested in the wellbeing of our community.

Without the trees, our wellbeing is in jeopardy – certainly for our grandchildren to come.

At a fundamental level, our wellbeing relates to our breath.

Without breath we do not exist. And without water we cannot function.

Corunna forest has had one compartment logged.

The second compartment is being logged. Then the machines move to the shores of Corunna Lake.  

What can we do?

We can call Bega MP Andrew Constance's office or write and express our concerns.

We must hold hope that it is never too late. 

Let us take action; let us pursue the wellbeing of ourselves, our family, our community and for the inheritance we want to leave our children and their children.

Let your voice be heard: make a call, write a letter.

Nadine and Ed Hills


Central Tilba sunrise

As I sit facing the early morning sun, dew glistening on the tips of the new spring grass, I hear the near-distant sound of an artificial hum and the constant boom as another tree is felled.

My yoga prayers I send out to the forest, calling upon the spirits of the land, to come forth and shine light to Corunna, as its life force is under attack.

I close my eyes and send the brilliant pink light of love, the blue-orgone light of trust, the golden white light of grace and the emerald green of healing to the forest; on the wings of the spirit guides.  Calling all to use their inner power of light and love and to imagine the forest - strong and green, full of life and vitality.  To exercise our divine right of free will, we can overcome the shadow of a system that does not abide by the law of the people and of the land.

To know we are powerful as one and as a collective; by finding that space of inner peace amidst the destruction unfolding before our eyes.  This is our human destiny. We are being tested right now and every word, thought and action adds to the unseen ripple- effect; whether for the greater good or for a darker world. The choice is ours.

So don’t think the over spoken words of: what is the point? And, what can I do?  Every moment we are choosing, and in the words of Gandhi; be the change you wish to see in the world. As I put my thoughts out for others to share, I remain in a state of love for the immense capacity of how the earth hears our voice and responds to our kindness and our own abilities to love and create, nurture and restore beauty to this space of love we call our home.

Sending light and love to Corunna.

Kate Cerrone

Central Tilba