Juniors show how it’s done

On Saturday morning, 23 members from the Narooma Sport and Gamefishing club attended an outing to Wallaga Lake.

It was great to see so many kayaks and tinnies turn up, and  to welcome some of the out of town members: David and Karen Maltby, from Batemans Bay, and Bob and Ruth Hirs, with young Sam Guy, from down south of the border.

Several fish were caught.

The older members were a bit camera shy, but young Sam Guy showed all how it’s done, with a tailor, flathead and bream, keeping one tailor.

He also caught and released an octopus.

Jacques Comarmond claimed he was a champion fisherman after getting the biggest carp at Wee Jasper, but then hooked a nice flathead on his new $15 Vibe Lure, only to lose it at his feet!

Bob Hirs caught several flathead, released them all, then tried to demolish some of the retaining rock wall near the bridge trying to free a fish lost in there.

Clive Perry caught several flathead, keeping some for dinner. 

I threw a lure out, only to get the line caught in the propeller, and having to row back to shore with a red face.

John Kozman got several dusky flathead, making sure his wife Kerrie couldn’t out fish him this time, by keeping her in the weeds.

David Maltby got out-fished again with the biggest fish being Karen’s. 

They got eight legal dusky flathead, keeping four. The best was 45cm.

Sue Waldock announced she was going to catch the biggest fish for the day, but only got several fish all over her “popper” without hookups.

 Yours truly was in trouble after I left my wife's  fishing gear at home!  

I did not fare much better myself after rigging my kayak up with the electric motor and all going well until I threw a lure out, only to get the line caught in the propeller, and having to row back to shore with a red face. 

John Redman kept the water hot for a coffee when we needed it.

Thanks to him and to his wife for the delicious cake.

Earlier in the week, junior member, Jake Mikolic was busy catching fish. He is shown with a lovely snapper and an equally good dusky flathead.

Well done, Jake. 

It’s  good to see the junior members doing so well.