Cushy with Wonder Woman, Narooma Public School shows-off arty super-powers | photos

Everybody has a hero. The kids at the Narooma Public School had their chance to share theirs with peers, teachers and parents – by way of drawings, sculptures and stories – for the biannual, whole-school Creative Expo.

Teacher Dan Roberts said the exhibition included creative responses from across the years in eight different categories.

“There are stories, hand-crafts, box-dioramas, even food sculptures and cup-cakes,” Mr Roberts said.

Lilli Daly drew a portrait for her best friend for the Expo.

“I can tell Alice anything,” Lilli said.

“She lives so far away, so I don’t have to worry about her telling anyone else.”

The art-works were located in several venues around the school, with all students given the opportunity to view their mates’ and siblings creations, before going to a hero-themed lunch on Wednesday, November 7. Parents were invited to visit the school and view their kids’ efforts that afternoon.

“There are no prizes,” Mr Roberts said.

“That’s a conscious decision; it’s about participation. I think about half the school were involved in making something.”