Firefighter Sabina Hughes urges women to join Fire and Rescue NSW

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Firefighter Sabina Hughes has taken great satisfaction in helping return Whittakers Creek to health after a diesel spill and is encouraging other women to apply for roles with Fire and Rescue NSW.

The Batemans Bay crew member was part of a large cleanup effort after a truck crash on Thursday, November 8.

She said her two-and-a-half years with the agency had been the best of her life and, with recruitment now open for retained and full-time firefighters, has called on other women to consider the career.

She loves helping people in crisis.

““It’s the worst day of their lives, and we get to help them,” she said.

Cleanup crew member encourages women to apply for firefighter roles

Meanwhile, Dave Clapson of D&A Excavations, Bodalla, spent several hours on Thursday, November 8 lifting more than 30 tonnes of potentially contaminated soil from the bank of Whittakers Creek after a diesel spill.

“We have taken out some of the mud we think was contaminated, that was actually in the creek, and a bit of the bank, and some of the top soil in the road verge,” he said.

“They are being pretty thorough about it all. We will be here for another few hours.”

Cleanup crews were continuing to pump a film of diesel from Whittakers Creek on November 9.

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