Letters to the editor

Open letter to Headspace

The Eurobodalla Shire has the second largest population in the Southern NSW Local Health District.

Despite having a relatively low proportion of infants and young people (4.3 per cent aged 0-4 years, 15.3 per cent aged 5-19 years), the shire has similar numbers to Goulburn-Mulwaree and Bega Valley LGAs (7,450 people aged 0-19 years in 2016).

It has the largest indigenous population (5.6 per cent, with 46 per cent of these aged 0-19 years)

There is no regional or base hospital in the 300 kilometres between Nowra and Bega.

Headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, has services in Nowra, Bega and Queanbeyan but there is no service within the Eurobodalla.

It is 300 kilometres from Nowra to Bega. Young people, particularly those with young children, are disadvantaged by distance and limited transport opportunities.

I acknowledge the great service Headspace provides.

With more than 2 million occasions of service provided, they have helped thousands of young people get vital support .

The Federal Government has announced extra funding for the national youth mental health foundation aimed at allowing it to employ more staff and provide 14,000 extra services at its 107 centres across the country.

Australia’s mental health services will receive a $52 million boost in an attempt to cut waiting times for desperate teenagers struggling with anxiety or depression.

Another $12.8 million will be allocated to offering online support to youngsters in rural and remote areas.

The youth population of the Eurobodalla deserve the same level of mental health services as those of the surrounding towns. 

I request your action on providing a local Headspace service.

Dr Michael Holland

Eurobodalla Shire

HELP NEEDED: The youth of the Eurobodalla Shire should not be left in the dark when it comes to mental health services, one reader says.

HELP NEEDED: The youth of the Eurobodalla Shire should not be left in the dark when it comes to mental health services, one reader says.

From mouths of babes

So students are told their environmental concerns are of no relevance - back to the schoolroom to “learn”. About democracy?

I no longer know what it takes to make politicians listen. I despair. If you won't recognise the impact of climate change on the children who protest marched [30/11/2018], then ask your own what they think. 

If you are a climate sceptic - what if you're wrong? If you know it’s true - but vote along party lines - how criminally arrogant to dismiss the rest of us and all other species.  If our generation has to pay a bit more to introduce renewable energies, so what?  Previous generations have given far more than a few hundred dollars a year to gift us the lives we lead today. 

I call on all levels of government, including locally elected councillors, to devote the Christmas break to researching the subject in preparation to vote to adopt strong climate and renewable energy policies. 

Myf Thompson

Batemans Bay

Could this be you?

Are you a community-minded individual with a project for your local area?

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Foundation’s 2019 round of Community Futures Grants has opened with grants up to $25,000 available to fund projects in rural or regional New South Wales.

Applicants must partner with a local community organisation to be eligible and provide a clear plan on how they intend to complete their project.

The Community Futures Grant allows proactive community members to apply for funds to complete local projects that wouldn’t normally attract funding.

The community project should enhance economic and social outcomes within your community; fostering community collaboration and sustainability.

Applications must be made online and will close February 10 2019.

Cecilia Logan

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Foundation