Take a tour and see the value of Vinnies in the community | PHOTOS, VIDEO

PIZZA MAN: Narooma Vinnies volunteers love to have a laugh when putting new stock out on the floor.
PIZZA MAN: Narooma Vinnies volunteers love to have a laugh when putting new stock out on the floor.

Vinnies is more than just affordable clothing.

Whether you are looking for a formal outfit, dinner set, classical CD or perhaps a new friendship ... St Vincent de Paul in Narooma seems to have it all.

There aren't many retail shops which cater for such a variety of needs.

Recently, Narooma News payed a visit to the Narooma Vinnies Centre to meet the staff and customers.

Moruya resident Leanne Kennelly was visiting the store to see what bargain she could find.

"I love all of the clothes and I really believe in op shops because there are enough clothes out there," she said.

"I also love books and you can get some really good deals."

Another customer, Maree Ferguson of Narooma said: "It is affordable and I love the social aspect of it, it stops you from being isolated".

Also in the store was, Ricky Hayward of Narooma, he was looking for funky shirts for his grandchildren.

"I love the different variety of shirts which you can't really get anywhere else," he said.

Mr Hayward said a trip to Vinnies with his mother used to be a regular outing.

"I would come here quite often with my mum, but she has passed away now," he said.

Store manager Marisa Cashman loves working at Vinnies and said she always welcomes new volunteers to the team.

"I love working with everyone here, they all have different personalities and we have a great time working together," she said.

Ideally, Vinnies is looking for people who are willing to give up a few hours of their time weekly to volunteer in the shop.

"It's a fun way to meet people ... you can see what's going on here and all of the recycled clothing and quirky items that come through," she said.

"If you come in and spend a couple of hours of your time at least once a week, you will find it more valuable for yourself.

"I'm sure you will come home feeling like a better person at the end of the day," Ms Cashman said.