Secrets behind no-dig gardens to be revealed in free Bermagui workshop

This weekend Bermagui Preschool's Cultural Garden and Urban Agriculture Project will be holding a free workshop on no-dig, or lasagna, gardening.

In the workshop participants will learn how to build a garden on any surface while helping to create the urban agriculture beds ready for winter growing.

Following the success of its recent hot-composting workshop the Moodji Farm Cultural Garden and Urban Agricultutre Project, located in the heart of Bermagui, is now ready to apply its high-grade compost in the initiation of 10 intensive seasonal garden beds.

Over the past few months the site has been landscaped using terraced garden beds oriented on contour to best harvest sunlight and water.

Using permaculture design principles project officer Dan Bakker has facilitated a steady flow of volunteers in its landscaping and has further engaged the preschool's newly-formed junior Grub Club to mass propagate seasonal plant varieties ready for the no-dig garden blitz and planting event.

Prior to the workshop and blitz Narooma High School will be providing up to 18 students and skills-placement candidates for a day of additional site preparations at which point they will buddy-up with Grub Clubbers to plant out their winter garlic, broccoli and radish crops.

Used extensively around the world the instant no-dig, or lasagna, garden method can be used in back-yards, raised beds, portable boxes and broadscale farming.

It is a swift way to build a garden that can be immediately planted out.

It is also a successful way to restore depleted soils and can be built over grass or concrete to produce food in small spaces.

For these reasons no-dig gardening can be ideal for renting or relocating residents while the method also can also be used in commercial growing.

By assisting the layout of 2x30metre terrace beds participants will learn the basics of this procedure and walk away with a complex understanding of:

  • How the method can be applied in numerous contexts;
  • How to adapt the process to any suit season and situation;
  • How to effectively use potentially difficult materials and waste organics in the method; and
  • Trouble shooting.

The free event will conclude with a project overview and site tour.

The No-Dig (Lasagna) Garden Workshop will take place on Sunday, May 19 from 10am at Moodji Farm which is behind the Bermagui Preschool at 3 Young St, Bermagui.