'Don't wait for government': Letters to the Editor

To the Eden-Monaro electorate

I would like to thank all those voters within the electorate, those party volunteers who gave up considerable time and all others involved in the political campaigns.

Congratulations to Mike Kelly on regaining the seat of Eden-Monaro. Congratulations to the other candidates: you believe in our parliamentary system and have the conviction to stand up and be counted; you are prepared "have a go", the Australian way.

We do live in the greatest country on earth and the Eden-Monaro is one of our nation's oldest and most diversified regions.

I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to throw my hat in the ring.

Thank you.

David Sheldon, independent


Eggs not all

Country Women's Association past NSW vice-president and Narooma branch vice-president Sally James recently attended the CWA State Conference in Albury, which some of you will remember as an egging attempt on the Prime Minister.

This was not the only thing that happened there, as many resolutions were debated.

Now the CWA will be approaching governments with members' concerns on the inland rail corridor; supporting placements financially for university nursing students; penalties for rural crime offenders; keeping travelling stock routes available; "meat" and "milk" product labelling for animal produce only; public cancer clinic availability in regional/rural centres; banning instant cash loan machines, and that is not all.

Ms James had been a state vice-president for two years and in Albury her time in this position was commended by outgoing state president Annette Turner from White Cliffs.

The new state president is Stephanie Stanhope from the Bega branch, which like Narooma is part of the Far South Coast group.

Narooma branch congratulates and sends best wishes for Stephanie in this important role.

Joanne King

Narooma CWA

BADGE OF HONOUR: CWA State President Annette Turner gives Sally James her State CWA Vice-President badge last year.

BADGE OF HONOUR: CWA State President Annette Turner gives Sally James her State CWA Vice-President badge last year.

Don't wait for government

The election just held was claimed by some to be the "climate change election".

We have a government which has failed to develop and implement policies to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Perhaps it's time for all of us to change our behavior and take action at a personal and community level?

Consider your next car purchase being an electric or hybrid one.

Buy local.

Grow some vegetables.

Reduce the distance and frequency of car use.

Do you really need that overseas holiday?

People power addressed the littering problem with Clean Up Australia.

Can people power show our governments the way with climate change action?

Let's give it a go.

Waiting for governments to "do something" may not work.

Paddy Naughton


The symptoms of mental illness are not always visible and many people suffer in isolation. Thankfully, there are thousands of worthy Australians striving to make a difference in this field, from advocacy, education and awareness through to prevention, treatment and searching for much needed cures.

The Australian Mental Health Prize acknowledges those who are doing innovative work in this area. More information and nomination forms can be obtained from australianmentalhealthprize.org.au

Entries close on August 30.

Ita Buttrose AO OBE

Chair - Australian Mental Health Prize Advisory Group