Narooma Chamber of Commerce launch project for better future

Narooma Chamber of Commerce has launched an ambitious project to find out what residents want.

Matt Deveson, Di Riley, Jenny Munro, Kathryn Ratcliffe and Cherie Cunninghame hope the entire Far South Coast can work together to boost employment and prosperity - whilst protecting the natural environment.

They want to hear your visions and best ideas.

Ms Riley joined the chamber to help create chances for Narooma's youth.

YOUR VIEW: Di Riley, Jenny Munro, Kathryn Ratcliffe and Matt Deveson want to hear your vision for Narooma.

YOUR VIEW: Di Riley, Jenny Munro, Kathryn Ratcliffe and Matt Deveson want to hear your vision for Narooma.

"My kids are always saying to me 'why do you do this?' and I say the reason is for them; to bring opportunities into Narooma, so they don't have to move away," she said.

"One of our goals is to bring Tilba and Bodalla together to join the chamber so we can focus on the whole area."

"We want everyone's opinion, whether you have a business or not; get in contact with us and tell us what you want."

One suggestion is a "road map" for the Far South Coast, connecting iconic destinations within townships to encourage tourism.

President Matt Deveson encourages everyone to have a say.

"I am a firm believer in the strength of people; if we can harness people, we can come up with the solutions for our own problems," he said.

Mr Deveson said plans must be based on the community's values.

"One of the strong values that I keep hearing is to protect the environment," he said. "I have values myself, but I want to make sure there is a process in place that has integrity."

Tilba's Kathryn Ratcliffe looks forward to gathering data to guide planning.

"It's important to get information from those who live here ... and incorporate that into something that's going to work," she said.

Retired GP Jenny Munro wants opportunities for young and old.

"I have recognised how difficult it is for people who have seasonal businesses and kids who grew up here (who have) to move away," she said.

"There is a massive amount of talent, energy, and work that goes on from volunteers of my demographic behind the scenes."

To have your say, email or phone 4476 2411.