Monty's Place says thanks for new solar system

Celebrating the new solar panels.
Celebrating the new solar panels.

Monty's Place of Narooma is beaming with joy after the installation of a brand spanking new solar system.

On Friday, June 21, chair of Monty's Place David Kelleher thanked all who contributed to the project at a celebratory morning tea. The installation will save Monty's Place about $2,000 per year in electricity bills.

"The incredible generosity of those involved allows Monty's Place to take a major step towards the sustainability of this weekly lunch which has become such an important event in Narooma," he said.

"The cost savings will also help with the purchase of new fridges and freezers which will use less power than the industrial ones we have at the moment."

Each Wednesday, Monty's Place regularly gives between 70-80 meals to people looking to fill their tummy and have a friendly chat.

It's not just about reducing emissions, it's also for social good.

Pete Phillips - SHASA member

"It's a restaurant setting where people can order off the blackboard," he said.

"It's not just a meal for the homeless, it's an opportunity for people to come and have a chat and be social."

The South Coast Health and Sustainability Alliance (SHASA) contributed over $5000 for the cost of the 18 solar panels and the inverter.

Digging the trench for solar power. Picture: Robin Scott-Charlton.

Digging the trench for solar power. Picture: Robin Scott-Charlton.

SHASA member Pete Phillips said the solar panels are not only reducing carbon emissions, but also helping the shire become a better place to live in.

"As a not-for-profit organisation, it's a fabulous opportunity for us," he said.

"It's not just about reducing emissions, it's also for social good.

"Change is driven from grassroots; action needs to happen at a local level," Mr Phillips said.

A special thanks was given to all who donated their time and resources throughout the installation process.

"Steve and Lisa Cornthwaite from MESA (Micro Energy Systems Australia) in Bodalla not only installed the solar panels and inverters, but had to completely replace aging wiring in the four church buildings," Kelleher said.

"MESA provided all equipment at cost price as well as free labour, and on top of that, helped with paper work and approval processes.

Checking out the new inverter.

Checking out the new inverter.

"I must also thank Joe Dirt Excavations for an amazing job alongside MESA, digging trenches for the wiring," he said.

Mr Kelleher acknowledged the long-term close relationship between Monty's Place and the Mt Dromedary Uniting Church Parish.

He thanked the Parish for their very generous contribution of $3,600 to enable the electrical upgrade and trenching required.

"Monty's Place is very grateful for the amazing generosity of the Narooma community over the last 5 years," Mr Kelleher said.

"Monty's Place welcomes on average 80 guests every week, with much higher numbers on special occasions.

"Everyone is welcome at Monty's Place and many of Monty's guests are in great need and value the good food and good company.

"Our guests are also supported with regular visits from Legal Aid, Anglicare and other service providers, and our wonderful volunteers provide a very yummy two course meal every week," he said.