Tarlinton Epic Super Adventure explained

Traditionally, local horse-riding groups maintained the Tarlinton Track by way of use, but with restrictions now on this land, the past 20 years has seen a degradation of the track. We the descendants of these great pioneers and legends have decided to run/trek/swim from Braidwood to Cobargo following the original pathways.

Day 1, September 21, 3.30am: Braidwood to Breakfast Creek: Distance: 85km(approx). Time: 9-12hrs. Course: Bitumen, Good dirt Road, Fire Trail. Undulating. Highlights: All Clarke gang Bushranger country. Lunch at Tarlinton's original landholding. Support: 1-2 mobile vehicles all day. Lunch stop with all the Super Support crew.

Day 2, September 22, 6.30am: Breakfast Creek to Original Belowra Hut. Distance: 32km (approx). Time: 5-7hrs. Course: Mostly downhill technical with many creek crossings. No real track, just blazes in trees going back to the 1800s. Then dirt road, bush scramble and a paddock bash to finish. Plenty of creek crossings. Highlights: A true wilderness experience. The original cattle runs of the Tarlintons and Sutherlands. Supers secret Spring Mountain Hut. Camping at Belowra hut. Support: Mobile support checkpoint manned (on horseback) by the O'Brien family. Top-up checkpoint vehicle at Wolia Ck crossing, Belowra.

Day 3, September 23, 8am: Belowra Hut to Supers Plaque. Distance: 18km. Time: 4-5hrs. Course: Good dirt road, one big hill, some river crossings. Bridle track. Support: None. Highlights: Tuross River crossing (could be a swim). We detour off the Tarlinton Track and onto Supers Bridle Track that he used for many years. Keep your eye out for his rock cairns where he put a stone on a stone every time he stopped there.

Day 4, September 24, 6.30am: Supers Plaque to Neddys Grave. Distance: 27km. Time: unknown. Course: fire trail, two big hills, and a lot of old bridle track. Plenty of river crossings. Highlights: The many Tuross River crossings. Camping at Port Phillip Neddys Grave.

Day 5, September 25, 6.30am: Neddys Grave to Cobargo. Distance: 35km (we think!). Time: 5-7 hrs. Course: bridle track, original gazetted road, dirt road, bitumen. Highlights: coming into the Wandella Valley and witnessing for the first time, as WD Tarlinton did, the fertile lands. Running the last 1500m with all the kids from the Cobargo Public School.

The finish line!

The Tarlinton clan.