Free Rotary Men's health checks in Moruya and Batemans Bay

Free Rotary men's health checks

Meet mherv: Rotary's Men's Health Education Rural Van offers free blood pressure and other checks to men. It will be in Batemans Bay and Moruya in November.

Meet mherv: Rotary's Men's Health Education Rural Van offers free blood pressure and other checks to men. It will be in Batemans Bay and Moruya in November.

Rotary is offering free men's health checks in Moruya on November 11 and 12 and in Batemans Bay and November 14 and 15.

They will be offered at Church Street, Moruya, opposite the Post Office and Alfresco and in the Club Catalina Club carpark in Batemans Bay.

About 41,000 Australian men die each year from preventable disease. Tha's four men and four grieving families every hour!

The Men's Health Education Rural Van, aka mherv, is a purpose-built caravan travelling NSW regional and rural areas testing men for signs of ill health.

It is staffed by a full time Registered Nurse, Robert Woolley, and supported by the Rotary Clubs in the 60-plus NSW towns on the schedule, including Moruya Rotary Club.

We all know that men are slow to go to the doctor to get something attended to that will "go away if I put up with it for a while".

These are the guys who drop dead in the pub, or in the paddock, because nobody saw it coming.

Rotary's mherv has many times identified a life-threatening condition, and saved someone from an early death.

It is a Rotary project run mainly by members of the Warners Bay Rotary Club, but is sponsored and supported by many Rotary Clubs around the state.

The health tests are offered by Rotary free of charge.

Major sponsors are the not-for-profit; Royal Freemasons' Benevolent Institution, and the NSW Government Minister for Health Brad Hazzard who has helped with a grant to assist with setting up the project and purchasing the medical consumables that are used for the tests.

The tests are non-invasive, being for body mass, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar (diabetes).

Mike Dent

Moruya Rotary

Asylum seekers/Medevac Bill

I am writing to draw attention to Australia's Inhumanity as revealed by facts from the recent Senate Estimates Committee.

The situation of prisoners detained in Manus, Nauru and now Bomana PNG, has been in the news over too many years.

I wonder how many of us living peaceful and contented lives in Australia have thought deeply about the perpetual cruelty of keeping these asylum seekers in limbo.

Next week the government will attempt to repeal the Medevac BIll.

By October 21, 2019, 341 applications for medical transfers had been launched for men on Manus.

Of these, 293 are valid claims, 135 men have been transferred from this group but not all have been treated as yet.

The Nauruan government is blocking medevac transfers to Australia.Behind all the "border protection" rhetoric is money.

Nauru wants Australian money to keep flowing their way. Until last week more than $5 milion per person had been spent detaining people on Manus and Nauru.

Also, $30 million has been spent on Christmas Island where a family of four, previously integrated in a Queensland community, has been held for two months.

They are the only residents there.

The government is spending our money, taxpayers money, to avoid resolving a cruel and wasteful situation. They have refused solutions (USA and NZ) and now are refusing medical transfers.

So inhumanity prevails, more sickness, more deaths. I hope more of us can stand up and say no, this must stop.

Mirabel Fitzgerald

Guerilla Bay