Biggest gathering of Indigenous dancers in 150 years at Tilba Tilba | PHOTOS

For the first time in more than 150 years Indigenous dancers from around the country gathered at Tilba Tilba Oval nestled in the foothills of Mother Gulaga to celebrate traditional dance.

The 'bunaan' Djirringanj language for corroboree, was the inspiration of Yuin elder Warren Foster who came up with idea after seeing something on Facebook by the Message Stick Walker - Alwyn Doolan.

"He put the idea out there for the nation to come together in dance," Uncle Warren said.

Non Indigenous people were invited to support the First Nations dance at the bunaan by being present, looking on and supporting the dancers.

"Yuin Nation people travelled from around NSW and Victoria to take part in the bunaan and we were happy to be joined by all our non Indigenous brothers and sisters," Uncle Warren said.

Well over 100 dancers gathered and danced in the ceremonial circle and according to Warren Foster there was no rehearsal, 'it was straight out and dance the story'.

Speaking to Uncle Warren the following morning, it was clear he was exhausted, his voice barely there.

"We were all tired but energised, it was a real special day for the whole south coast and also for our elders and ancestors, it makes them happy and it gives our spirit the strength that we need to walk on," he said.

"For me personally it was a bit overwhelming, but after I thought about it and what we did, I knew how proud people would be feeling.

"I would really like to say thank you to everyone that came along to the bunaan and I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did dancing and bringing unity into Yuin Country."

After about three hours of dance and song a slight drizzle began to fall from the low hanging clouds blanketing Mother Gulaga.

Although it wasn't enough to dampen the dry earth on which the dancers stomped, it did bring about a sense of relief.

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