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DRIVER TRAINING: Teenagers benefited from a Teen Safe driving program in the October school holidays.
DRIVER TRAINING: Teenagers benefited from a Teen Safe driving program in the October school holidays.

Appeal to help find precious ring

I am a Canadian citizen visiting Australia.

On November 27 I visited Anton's in Kianga, and went down to the beach via the steps across from the cafe. I sat on the second step from the bottom to apply sun screen, and forgot to put my ring back on.

I have entered an event report with the police, and am hoping you may be able to help.

Description of the ring is as follows: 14 caret gold band inscribed with a British Columbia west coast First Nations design. The artist's initials are etched inside the band.

The ring has great sentimental value as it belonged to my father. I would be most grateful if you could assist me in my attempts to recover it.

Wilhelmina Hughes

Council's big ticket items

Some "big ticket" motions were on Tuesday's Eurobodalla Shire Council meeting agenda but went through unanimously without a single question or explanation from councillors!

What about the Annual Report's $3.5 million commitment to major contracts for aspects of the Batemans Bay Regional Aquatic, Arts and Leisure Centre?

Council doesn't yet know what to do until after tenders are called if/after the state Regional Planning Panel approves the DA! The council happily rejected the idea of earmarking proceeds from the sale of council's share of Southern Phone, worth some $800,000, for job creation projects. That suggestion got knocked back because there is no certainty the sale would go ahead. Can't do it for $800,000 but $3.5 million is OK, eh?

In the September Quarter Budget Review, the deferment of a $16.57 million capital expenditure item for the BBRAALC to 2020-2021 didn't rate a mention. Councillors might have had this explained during a briefing but what about letting the community know? Where was this money coming from? It's not in line with the grants that aren't in the bank yet, so was it coming from council reserves or maybe new loans?

The other unquestioned matter concerned council's $117 million investments in bank deposits. Some questions might have been raised about the effects future Reserve Bank interest decisions might have on council's investment income.

Wouldn't you think that raising, recording and passing on the above sort of information would be more important uses of meeting time than the 20 minutes or so - it seemed longer - being spent on what signs were forgotten to be provided in Narooma? Questions have been asked and I'll let you know if I get any answers!

Jeff de Jager, Coila

Saving young lives

Teensafe held a course in the October school holidays at Moruya Speedway.

Our next course is planned for the January school holidays.

More information at www.teensafemoruya.org

Safe driving.

Gary Smith, Teensafe

Fire fighters out of pocket

As a Rural Fire Service volunteer, it is a mandatory requirement to undertake and complete a host of various training courses. There are also additional courses for those aspiring to leadership positions.

What many in our community may be unaware of, is that our volunteers have to sacrifice income or leave entitlements in order to attend these training courses.

I believe this to be not only unfair, but wrong. Our fire fighters volunteer to protect the public. They fulfill a vital role. They do not get paid. They should not suffer loss of income in order to do so.

I believe it is incumbent upon the NSW Government to compensate volunteer fire fighters for loss of income/leave entitlements due to attending training courses.

Patricia Gardiner, Deua River Valley


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