1170 power poles cleared across South East: Essential Energy bushfire response update

530 properties remained without power across Moruya and Batemans Bay. Photo: Andrea Cantle
530 properties remained without power across Moruya and Batemans Bay. Photo: Andrea Cantle

Essential Energy restored power to 470 properties across the Moruya and Batemans Bay areas on Sunday, January 26.

As of 5pm on Monday, 530 properties remained without power.

It is the fifth week of repairs and power restoration following devastating fires across the South East.

Essential Energy said they had replaced 1170 power poles across the South East, with 900 customers remaining without power.

"Work continues on repairs to the network from the New Years Eve and January 4 fires, with just over 500 customers without power from these fire events," a spokesperson said.

"Restoration remains slow and steady due to the extent of the damage."

The spokesperson said Essential Energy replaced 43 power poles on Sunday and repaired associated electrical infrastructure In Bega and surrounding areas.

Power was restored to 22 customers, leaving 389 customers across the area without power.

Crews hoped to replace up to 37 power poles on Monday which would restore power to a further 25 customers.

Essential Energy said it had remained in contact with customers who remain without power providing several hundred fuel vouchers for generators and proactively lending over 100 small portable generators to customers.

It is hoped that all customers will have their power restored mid to late February, conditions permitting.


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