Do you know someone who needs to be wrapped with love? Letters to the editor

Do you know someone who needs to be wrapped with love? Letters to the editor

NBN rollout?

After all the hype, expectations and the work seen in the local area last year does anyone know 'when it's going to arrive' and why it's taken so long?

Eric Hibbett


Wrap with love

Wrap with Love in Sydney have offered to provide a quantity of handmade wraps to our community.

A wrap is generally made up of knitted or crocheted squares sewn together into a rectangle, 102cm x 178cm. It is meant to wrap around a person to give comfort and warmth in time of distress. It may also be of use as a single bed blanket or cover.

I am reaching out to agencies who are in a position to know the people who may need or appreciate one or more of these wraps.

In the midst of this hot summer, this may not be a priority, however as autumn approaches, cooler evenings and lower overnight temperatures will soon be a possibility.

I will be travelling to Sydney at the end of next week and would be able to bring some wraps back. It would be of great help if I had an indication of how many wraps may be needed and the name of person to contact on my return.

Phone 0414 664 077.

Jenny Rzepa

Wrap with Love Batemans Bay

'Thanks for keeping going'

Our South Coast community has a long list of people to thank for their help and support during and since the devastating fires we have experienced; not least the firies, the police, the army, medical staff and masses of volunteers.

We would like to draw attention to our Bega MP Andrew Constance and Eurobodalla Shire Mayor Liz Innes for their help and ongoing support for our communities in the areas that have been so badly damaged by fires.

While they have both been through their own traumatic experiences in defending their own homes and property, both of them must be absolutely exhausted, yet they still keep going, helping others where they can.

Thank you to all.

Joy and John Lord

'Misguided proposal'

Mayor Liz Innes proposes an extra week of school holidays in bushfire affected areas.

School curriculums are not constructed on an ad hoc basis.

A teacher of 40 years, I can attest to schools having a yearly calendar on which each assessment task, examination date and learning experience mandatory to the curriculum as set by the Department of Education is tightly scheduled.

This academic year has been disrupted due to school closures when bushfires threatened homes.

Last year schools were forced to close for two weeks due to bushfires.

Teachers were unable to get to work due to road closures, further undermining the education of students.

The mayor proposes a week of "non-compulsory" attendance, when students who attend school do "fun activities" (note: fun is not an adjective; it is a noun) and those whose families choose to take them on a holiday could to do so.

Councillor Innes not only demonstrates complete ignorance of how our education system works, but undermines the value of education.

Amanda Wray

Guerilla Bay

Help is available

Help is available after a bushfire, but it can be very hard to know where to find it.

People need support both immediately and in the longer term.

Many grants are now open.

People whose homes have been lost can receive cash payments of up to $20,000 from Red Cross. Homeowners whose homes have been structurally damaged can receive $5000. Bereavement grants of $20,000 are being provided to senior next of kin.

People who have suffered injuries requiring hospitalisation from the fires can access a grant of $7500 from Red Cross.

To apply go to or ring 1800 733 276. The process is simple and, once processed, payment is made within days.

People who are experiencing financial hardship can also contact The Salvation Army at or 1300 662 217 or St Vincent de Paul society on 13 18 12.

For Federal Government Disaster payments call 180 22 66. In NSW, contact Service NSW 13 77 88 for the Bushfire Customer Care Service.

Recovering is tough. People's needs change with time and they often feel alone once the world's attention turns away.

We're staying in bushfire-affected communities for three years or more, supporting people each step of the way in their recovery journey.

We want to ensure there are funds to meet these important needs.

Poppy Brown

Director NSW & ACT, Australian Red Cross