Letters to the editor

'Community still has meaning'

So often the old generations hear "we must do it for future generations".

We have been asked to make costly sacrifices to future generations and you feel good for contributing. I wonder why some of the city-based, self-centred, selfish ones can't obey instructions when it comes to looking after those who have made our sacrifices when it comes to the COVID-19 fight? Would it be selfish for me to ask government to allow us to dance on the Paris Climate Accord or on other environmental issues? Thank God I live in a community where the word community still has great meaning. So proud of the ones down here that will follow us.

Ron Snape, Tilba

Election material dumped

It has been drawn to my attention that a pile of Fiona Kotvojs corflutes which were placed on private land during the election campaign and were stolen, were dumped at the bottom of Glasshouse Rocks Road.

Theft, damage and offensive graffiti have become routine for we Liberals during election campaigns, along with the grotesque outpourings on social media. We take comfort in that it indicates opposition which could not match our arguments nor our candidate. While no side of politics is entirely free of those with no moral compass I am confident that no Narooma Liberal would engage in such behaviour and trust that our opponents will think twice before engaging in it on future occasions.

Alan Burdon, Narooma Branch President, Liberal Party of NSW

Narooma and District Lions Club

As the COVID-19 situation on the South Coast was improving, it was with some excitement that the members of the Narooma and District Lions Club were looking forward to a face-to-face meeting at Club Narooma on Tuesday, July 21, as no regular meeting had been held since February.

As history shows, that wasn't to be, due to fresh COVID concerns, so a Zoom meeting was hastily arranged. As many will have experienced, the result was a somewhat stilted manifestation as we "newbies" got used to the time lapse between talk and listen and learned to navigate the platform. It is with some success and pleasure that we can thank the past board for their contribution and welcome our new board for 20/21.

  • President Tony Fahey
  • Vice President Cherie Cunninghame
  • Secretary Sandra Rafferty ( Phone 0409 813 332)
  • Treasurer Sandra Rafferty
  • Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Richard Astle

Many are waiting for the Dalmeny Community Markets to restart but that won't be for a while. Coordinator, Tony Fahey has been in contact with stall-holders and will keep them informed. These markets are the fundraising source for local needs, charities and Lions projects. Email: narooma.nsw@lions.org.au

Our other activities are still to the fore. Lions Mints, Christmas Cakes and Puddings will be happening once again, though possibly in a reduced capacity. Fans of these wonderful products please be mindful that it will be a first-in-biggest-smile once they hit the stands. We thank all those businesses that make a space for our products.

We collect used glasses frames for our "Recycle For Sight" National Program. We would love them please! They can be left at Vinnies, the Blue House Clinic, both Narooma Pharmacies, The Health Department at the Library and the Drop in Centre (op shop in Narooma Cres.).

We also look forward to welcoming those who would like to serve this community through Lionism. For enquiries please contact our Secretary who will be happy to provide you with information and link you with one of our Lions members who will be your buddy as you attend meetings and activities prior to you application being processed.

Lion Ricci Bishop, PR for Narooma and District Lions Club

Projected jobs growth in agriculture, forestry, fishing

The major parties promote logging of natural native forests in NSW (as opposed to plantations) to keep jobs in forestry.

In 2019, the Australian Bureau of Statistics published employment projections for 17 industries for the five years to May 2023. For the rest of NSW, the projections show that, combined, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing's negative growth is greater than all the other 17 industries at minus 56,000 employment growth.

The South East Region Conservation Alliance Inc. urgently calls for the NSW State Government to support transition for forestry employees into other industries to secure their future employment. Our members demand that the Government preserve the remaining unburnt and burnt native forests of NSW which are now, shamefully, being logged.

Dr Bronte Somerset (Educ.)

Secretary, South East Region Conservation Alliance Inc.

OH, MAN! OVERBOARD: detritus from the APL England container ship continues to wash up. Keryn McCoy sent this image from between Brou Lake and Potato Point.

OH, MAN! OVERBOARD: detritus from the APL England container ship continues to wash up. Keryn McCoy sent this image from between Brou Lake and Potato Point.