Think local and support us all

Narooma Think Local - Support Local

NSW Health Minister Greg Hunt praised businesses for their "magnificent" efforts during the COVID-19 crisis.

"Australians as a whole have risen to this in terms of new business models, the practicing of isolation and distancing," he said.

Many of the businesses facing this challenge are small traders and family businesses. According to data from Family Business Australia, up to 70 per cent of all businesses in Australia are family owned and operated.

Family Business Australia CEO Greg Griffith urged Australian shoppers to do what they could to support their neighbourhood businesses through this very difficult time.

"Family businesses are the backbone of the economy and statistics show that 75 per cent of consumers trust family businesses," Greg said.

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"Therefore it is important, now more than ever to tap into these trustworthy businesses. It's time to come together to support local family-owned businesses and there are many ways buyers can do that."

Here are some tips:

  • Shop local - many shops have now opened so support them while maintaining social distancing and following hand sanitisation procedures
  • Support local businesses - some businesses remained open throughout with changes - keep supporting them
  • Social media - giving support can be as simple as a social media like, comment, following a business, or sharing their posts. This can increase the promotion of a brand dramatically
  • Gift card - buying a gift card is an immediate way to inject cash into a business. This will help keep these businesses afloat for a while to ensure they are still there to enjoy after this is over
  • Shop online - many Australians shop for goods and services online and it has never been easier to access things you need from home. Look out for local businesses who are offering online purchasing options