Batemans Bay bridge deliveries: Police urge drivers to slow down

Batemans Bay Police are requesting "frustrated" motorists abide by the changing speed limits during bridge segment deliveries on the Princes Highway.

Chief inspector Greg Flood said drivers needed to be aware of the speed reductions between the precast facility at Bimbimbie and the bridge site at Batemans Bay.

He said drivers caught behind the heavy loads have been "frustrated" and he asked for patience.

"People have been frustrated; we're asking for cooperation, compliance and patience," Inspector Flood said.

"Please be aware of the large load and police escort vehicles that block sections of the highway for short periods.

"Also, please be patient with the load and pilot vehicles to avoid disruption to the load and accidents on the highway."

A police vehicle and two private pilot vehicles accompany the segment-carrying truck on each delivery.

Signs with a split down the middle allow for the speed limit to be changed along the Princes Highway.

"The signs are changed 30 minutes prior to delivery and flipped back as soon as practical," Inspector Flood said.

As of Friday, there were 119 segments yet to be delivered, with the heaviest weighing more than 100 tonnes.

"The segments' weight is incredible and there's a risk on the roads," Inspector Flood said.

The most common delivery time is between 6am-7am.

Inspector Flood said there was also planned deliveries from 9.30am-10.30am as well as 1pm-2pm, days varying.

"It takes about 45 minutes for the segments to get to the river," Inspector Flood said.

Inspector flood said drivers must slow down and give way.

"The truck has to travel 10km per hour over the centre line in certain areas between Bimbimbie and the bridge site," Inspector Flood said.

He said police and pilots ensured the load crossed the double lines safely without causing damage.

He urged drivers to abide by and comply with the speed limits.

Inspector Flood asked drivers to be alert when segments travel through congested areas, such as the bridge at Tomakin Road, Mogo.

"When going through Mogo, cars need to move right over," Inspector Flood said.

Inspector Flood said Highway Patrol may conduct speed enforcement during the temporary speed reductions.

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