The Informer: Badly behaving politicians in bubbles? Surely not

We've found another bubble, Australia - in the national capital.
We've found another bubble, Australia - in the national capital.

There has been all manner of bubbles over the past few months in Australia - generally attached to borders and related to coronavirus.

But the bubble making waves this afternoon is apparently the "Canberra bubble". Apparently all will become less murky after a Senate committee meets and then even more clear after 8.30pm when ABC's Four Corners airs.

The show's executive producer claims the public broadcaster has stared down intense political pressure as it prepares to air an investigation about poor behaviour among federal politicians.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported: "ABC managing director David Anderson is expected to be grilled about the episode when he appears before a Senate committee on Monday afternoon.

"The episode is billed as an exposé inside the "Canberra bubble", with teasers for the show featuring Milligan saying the investigation "questions the conduct of some of the most senior politicians in the nation". Neighbour has also tweeted that the episode "investigates the 'toxic' culture for women in federal politics".

Politicians behaving badly? Say what?

And with that neat segue, about the US election ... gone a bit quiet, hasn't it? Sometimes that is all the more concerning.

Mr Trump has not conceded and is unlikely to, according to those closest to him. He is "likely to grudgingly vacate the White House at the end of his term", AAP reports.

Top Republicans are split on the best course of action, the New York Times reports with President Trump's closest advisers continuing to brief him on possible "legal remedies". Though it is significant former President George W. Bush became the highest-profile Republican to publicly declare the election over.

President-elect Joe Biden has hit the ground running (metaphorically) and is planning to launch a coronavirus task force on Monday (US time). With total coronavirus cases in the US going beyond the 10 million mark yesterday, there are fears the situation could indeed worsen before Mr Biden takes office.

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