Croquet players get finer points of play

Croquet Coaching for Narooma Players

Wednesday 11 November and Thursday 12 November: Last Wednesday and Thursday morning ten croquet players were fortunate to be the recipients of four hours instruction on each of the two days from a visiting professional coach. It was an intensive training program to improve their skills, knowledge, tactics and strategies in aspects of playing the game of croquet.

On day 1, with the sun blazing down, the topics included:-

  • Grip of the mallet;
  • Stance in addressing the ball;
  • Swing of the mallet;
  • Stroke-making techniques, especially the follow through to achieve maximum effect in length and accuracy;
  • Rules of the game including faults to avoid and the variations in faults between golf croquet and association croquet; penalties and/or procedures after a fault;
  • Tactics and strategies in competition to gain and retain advantage in games;
  • Etiquette on the croquet field;
  • Technique in executing jump shots;
  • Team playing.

On day 2, in drizzling rain, topics included:-

  • Association croquet, shot-making and strategy;
  • Taking extra turns (strokes) in golf croquet - strategies, tactics and order of priorities;
  • Gateball - equipment, rules, demonstration and practice.

All players gained a great deal of knowledge and skill from the program and were indebted to the coach and to the organizers, Club Captain Christine Stent, Fay O'Connor and Janet Jones for the training received.

Regular Golf Croquet Competition - The regular competition was suspended to allow time for the training program. Next week the regular golf croquet competition resumes and is scheduled for the Dalmeny Club greens on Thursday morning 19 November at 9:00 am. Wednesday golf croquet twilight play and Friday association croquet twilight play (at 4:00 pm) during November and December of this calendar year will only be conducted when booked beforehand. Trial days, with coaching provided by Club Captain Christine Stent, on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am, are only now available by pre-booking. All bookings (golf croquet, association croquet and trial days) for the rest of this calendar year are be made with Fay O'Connor, telephone 0421 352 527, keeping to covid-19 protocols.

Association Croquet - Tuesday 10 November: morning schedule. Competition was cancelled to save strength and energy for the two day program of coaching. Friday 13 November: twilight schedule. The game between Pauline Wilcock and Pearl Hanson was abandoned due to resident hooded plovers nesting on the green and a trace of rain. Saturday 14 November: morning schedule: In sunny weather conditions, with the temperature rising, Pauline Wilcock, Janet Jones and Len Favier competed in a six ball association croquet match over a three-and-a-half hour time period. Early in the game Janet Jones led by a margin, but then retired from the game with mild heat stroke. Consequently Pauline Wilcock was able to build momentum and pass Janet's score to win the game by a smallish margin at the time limit. Final scores were:- Pauline Wilcock 18 points, Janet Jones 15 points, with Len Favier lagging behind on 11 points. Pearl Hanson had a bye. Next week two days of association croquet competition are scheduled for the Dalmeny Club greens, that being on Tuesday morning 17 November at 9:00 am, and on Saturday morning 21 November at 9:00 am. Association croquet on Friday twilight time (at 4:00 pm) will also be conducted if pre-booked as above.