Yass dog Speck reunited after journey to Sydney: police

A wild adventure for a small pup from Yass has ended with an emotional reunion in Sydney.

Speck, a three-and-a-half-month-old black and white cattle dog cross, was reunited with her owner Alex 300km away from home.

"Tuesday morning we had to get back to the house and we realised [Speck] wasn't there," Alex, who didn't give her last name, said.

"We couldn't do much about it at the time, but that afternoon we started looking for her and she didn't show up."

"We were a bit worried."

Alex said the reunion was "overwhelming" as she had feared her dog might have been hit by a car, or never be found again.

But thankfully Speck was found unharmed.

Speck at Day Street Police Station after a long adventure. Picture: NSW Police.

Speck at Day Street Police Station after a long adventure. Picture: NSW Police.

NSW police were alerted when the dog was found inside a Rav-4 in a carpark off Elizabeth Street in Sydney on Wednesday.

Officers got in contact with the owner of the vehicle, a 28-year-old woman. She told them said she had picked up the dog about 40 minutes away from Yass, but had had to drive on to Sydney as she had been running late for an appointment.

Sydney City Police Detective Inspector David El-Badawi said the woman's actions had not been untoward and she'd had every intention to find the owner of the dog.

Meanwhile in Yass, after searching the neighbourhood, Alex turned to social media.

"I put up a post on Facebook about it but nothing came to it in our area," she said.

"Then I just asked neighbours and they got back to me about a girl who found her and to call a number."

"So I called the number and she said [Speck] is in Sydney at the police station."

Reunited: Speck with owner Alex on Friday. Picture: Supplied

Reunited: Speck with owner Alex on Friday. Picture: Supplied

Detective Inspector El-Badawi said, "This little pup has had quite the adventure this week and we want to thank the public for their help in reuniting Speck with her very worried owner."

Before Alex and Speck's reunion, the pup had a sleepover at Detective Constable Vanessa Schofield's house.

"There was three of us who were definitely keen on taking her home and looking after her for a few days before the owner came up," Detective Constable Schofield said.

"I was the lucky one."

Detective Constable Schofield said Speck met her beagle, and the farm dog perhaps experienced some city comforts during her stay

"She slept in a bed last night so I'm hoping she's an inside dog at home otherwise I've exposed her."

"[Speck] is a big city girl now."

While Speck was a "good girl" during her visit, Constable Schofield saw some of Speck's mischievous nature come through.

"[Speck] is a fiend for a shoe but besides that she is a sweetie," she said

"She steals everyone's heart."

Alex and Speck are returning home to Yass on Friday, and the Alex is planning to increase security at home to avoid further hijinks.

"I've got to go back to work when I get home, then [Speck will] be locked up so she can't get out," she said.

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