Senator Jacqui Lambie tells court former staff members were plotting to destroy her relationship with Prime Minister

Senator Jacqui Lambie
Senator Jacqui Lambie

Senator Jacqui Lambie has accused two former staffers of trying to sabotage her relationship with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull by escalating workplace complaints to him in 2017.

Senator Lambie hired Rob and Fern Messenger shortly after her election in 2014 and sacked the couple in 2017.

They have argued in Federal Court this adverse action was taken due to them sending a detailed Public Information Disclosure document to Mr Turnbull, complaining about the senator's conduct and workplace health and safety concerns.

Senator Lambie told the court on Wednesday the document was sent to humiliate and degrade her.

"It had very little if any truth to it - it was disgusting," she said.

Senator Lambie then accused Mr Messenger of trying to damage her relationship with Mr Turnbull.

"It was a low blow," she said.

"That's all it was, Mr Messenger."

Senator Lambie and Mrs Messenger had a falling out the year before the Public Disclosure Document was sent which eventuated in the initiation of a mediation process.

Senator Lambie said there was barely any communication between the two for months before the call was made.

Even though she did not seek to enter mediation with Mr Messenger, Senator Lambie said almost every staff member in the office had made complaints about their behaviour.

The complaints about Mrs Messenger were compiled in a document to be used for mediation.

Mrs Messenger labeled the process a sham, suggesting there was no desire to reach a resolution and for her to keep her job.


This was denied by Senator Lambie who said she wanted to give Mrs Messenger an opportunity to remain employed.

The Messengers, who are self-represented for the proceedings, were again criticised by Justice John Snaden during Wednesday's hearing for attempting to smear Senator Lambie through their questioning of her.

This provoked a tearful response from Mrs Messenger.

Justice Snaden said he had afforded the couple great latitude in their questions.

"I've allowed you to ask questions that I would never in a million years allow competent counsel to ask," he said.

"This [case] is taking an inordinate amount of time. We need to accelerate this process."

Senator Lambie concluded her evidence after three days of questioning.

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