Short-term greyhound fostering adopted for lockdowns

PETS: Greyhounds make wonderful companions and pets. Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK.
PETS: Greyhounds make wonderful companions and pets. Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK.

With Greater Sydney and surrounding areas in lockdown, Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) NSW has initiated a new short-term fostering program, aimed at introducing a new audience to the benefits and joys of having a greyhound in your home.

Fostering is an integral part of the rehoming work GAP does, and while the usual duration for fostering through the organisation is six weeks, it was thought the shorter-term, 14-day "lockdown fostering" would be a great opportunity for more people - particularly those now working from home - to experience a greyhound.

The new program also allows some of GAP's dogs to have the experience in a home, and subsequently the feedback from foster carers will be beneficial to GAP, and also will give the dogs the opportunity to learn about home life.

Apart from time, there is no difference between the 14-day foster experience and the six-week fostering program, except that GAP hand picks dogs that will best suit shorter foster care situations, and also dogs that preferably need someone home with them more of the time.

Those who foster a dog will be provided with food, a bowl, and bedding for the two weeks, and as is the case with the usual fostering program, applicants for the 14-day fostering program, must also complete the foster carer course.

Greyhounds can either be delivered to the fostering home or can collected from GAP centres with minimal contact following COVID safe protocols.

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This article was produced as part of an ACM partnership with Greyhound Racing NSW.

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