Let Ariarne Titmus' coach Dean Boxall show you how to celebrate a gold medal

Dean Boxall, in calm, collected mode. Yes, this is a file photo. Photo: Dave Hunt
Dean Boxall, in calm, collected mode. Yes, this is a file photo. Photo: Dave Hunt

Ariarne Titmus' coach Dean Boxall is an international phenomenon. And not necessarily for coaching Australia's latest Olympic gold medalist.

It was for this gold medal gyration after watching Titmus touch out the the great Katie Ledecky in the women's 400m freestyle today.

We're restricted by licensing issues but should you search for an extended version of this clip, take a moment to check out the Games volunteer in the background.

It's fair to say Boxall was channelling his inner Lawrie Lawrence, an Aussie swim coach of much repute.

Lawrence went equally ballistic when Duncan Armstrong won 200m freestyle gold in Seoul back in 1988.

As Lawrence told the hapless reporter: "Stuff the silver, we came here for gold."

Given Titmus swam twice as far, it's only fair Boxall's celebration was twice as exuberant.

Shall we say Aussie celebrations have come a long way since the genteel air guitar days of the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Remember watching on and wondering exactly what the Aussie 4x100m relay team was doing?

It's equally hard to know exactly what Boxall was doing. Safe to say it's more exciting than a fist pump.

Now watch social media do its thing

Don't think that's the end of it - oh, no, no, no. Now the Boxall's performance, or at least wobbly still pictures of it, gain a life of their own.

For instance, this on Twitter:

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