Voice of Real Australia: Listen up, season two is on its way

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Unfortunately, the Tassie Devils did not respond to requests for comment. Picture: Simon McCarthy

Unfortunately, the Tassie Devils did not respond to requests for comment. Picture: Simon McCarthy

A bit over 12 months ago we had the idea to create a podcast about regional Australia for regional Australians.

We saw that Aussies in the bush were under-represented in the podcast space and we wanted to change that.

Taking our cues from this very newsletter, the idea was that if it's an interesting story in Albury, then why wouldn't it be interesting in Warrnambool or Burnie?

And so the concept of the Voice of Real Australia podcast was born.

For what was a print media company, from a standing start, I think we've done pretty well.

Today, somehow, is our 24th episode. It's a lovely yarn about Mudgee's legends and the stories we remember.

So it's an opportunity to reflect on some of our favourites over the last 12 months.

Like the time we learnt about a beetle wiping out iconic trees in the Australian Alps, or looked inside the mouse plague which was then raging across NSW (and the conditions are right for it to do so again). We looked at the uncertain future of a town reliant on fossil fuels, and spoke to members of the community about the transition. And we heard from people on the front line of the Port Arthur massacre, some of whom had never spoken up before.

We've received two awards and multiple nominations. We've covered some ground - thousands of kilometres of bitumen, hundreds of interviews. People have invited us into their homes, made us countless cups of tea.

We've seen dusty outback corner stores and the country's highest peaks. I fell into the Goulburn River while recording and camped out under the stars. If it's a good story, it's a good story, I don't care where it is.

I've had a wonderful time bringing you these stories, and I'm grateful we get to keep doing it. But at the end of season one we're off for a little while, putting together our most ambitious project yet.

We'll be back September 16th with more stories from beyond the big cities.

Until then, cooee.

Listen to the podcast and we look forward to chatting soon!

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