Mailbox: Readers share their thoughts

Kirsteen Isles (daughter-in-law of long-time Narooma resident George and Kathleen Hulley) was visiting her family and captured this dazzling view. Image: Clickedbyk
Kirsteen Isles (daughter-in-law of long-time Narooma resident George and Kathleen Hulley) was visiting her family and captured this dazzling view. Image: Clickedbyk

Thanks for rescue support

Guy, Tania, Angus and Nugget would like to thank the VRA for attending the call out on Saturday morning regarding Nugget's expedition down a rabbit hole under our Cobargo house. After many hours of digging and calling him, it became apparent that Nugget had done himself a mischief and got stuck under the concrete slab near the bathroom. It had been a long day and we were running out of ideas when about 7pm Saturday we decided the only thing to do was cut a hole in our floor.

It was the most awful feeling being able to hear him, but not being able to reach him. We were all exhausted and couldn't continue after starting to cut the floor Saturday night- what a job! After a very unrestful night's sleep we got up first thing Sunday morning thinking the worst. Guy went back under the house and started calling him. Nugget responded so we got stuck into getting him out. It was amazing Guy had cut the floor in just the right spot.

He had only just started jack hammering when Angus saw Nugget's head pop out not very long after we started Sunday morning. We were all very relieved to have Nugget out. Nugget wasn't sure what all the fuss was about. Not what we were expecting for our weekend, but a great outcome and lots of mess to clean up. Thanks again VRA.

Tania Lingard

'Guaranteed failure' without target

The way the state and federal governments have responded to the pandemic shows how much value we put on our health and safety as a society. Why have we not responded in the same manner, when it comes to the climate crisis?

All medical bodies and colleges recognise climate change as a health emergency. But instead of taking this seriously, our government feeds us repackaged slogans and vague promises in shiny new pamplets.

Aiming for net zero by 2050 without strong 2030 targets is no cure for our climate crisis; it's guaranteed failure. The federal government must invest in the health of our environment, the health of our nation and the health of our economy THIS decade. We can improve air pollution, improve respiratory health, minimise climate damage and drive down energy prices for households and industry with an ambitious clean energy-led covid recovery package. Anything less puts our health, economy and livelihoods in danger.

Dr Michelle Hamrosi

Health should 'lead the way'

Now that the Nationals have finally acknowledged climate change and want to protect regional jobs, what does this mean for our region, the Eurobodalla? The Healthcare sector is the biggest employer in Australia - and one of the biggest polluters.

Looking regionally, the new Eurobodalla hospital must come under scrutiny for their plan to increase road transport of patients, meals and even bottled water. During the fires, thousands of people were stuck in cars on the Princes Highway while trying to evacuate. A wind shift could have been catastrophic then.

Yet the new Eurobodalla hospital plans to greatly increase road transport of patients to Bega, because it will have less capacity than currently exists between Moruya and the Bay hospitals. That's a big exposure to fires, flood, road works and accidents enroute to Bega. Health is a massive contributor of plastic waste (second only to the food industry), which leach toxic chemicals into the soil, air and water, drastically reducing resilience of all species and amplifying climate change. Yet the Southern Area Local Health District no longer even has a sustainability committee -despite the fires and COVID being the result of environmental perturbations.

Indeed, the document driving sustainability in NSW Health, "Resource Efficiency Strategy 2016-2123" doesn't mention plastics once, despite plastic being about 25 per cent of Health waste. Health should lead the way.

Christopher Nimmo