Catch of the Day: kingfish return

Catch of the Day (May 9): After a horror week when it came to weather, boats finally made it out to Montague Island on Friday and were pleasantly surprised!

Charter Fish Narooma boats Playstation and Nitro both encountered some good-size kingfish before Nitro went out wide finding some interesting temp differentials.

Skipper Nick Cowley onboard Playstation ended up with 15-20 kingfish and also some bonito.

Darren “Dash” Bowater wrote about today’s island action in his weekly Ocean Hut Compleat Angler fishing report.

Dash writes: “Around 15 boats are fishing in a toasty 23 degree water at the island as I write (10.35am), with most of them scoring kings from just legal to around the high 80s.

So hopefully this swell will keep receding and enable all boats to venture out and play ball this weekend.

The kings seem to be prefer the live baits, in the shape of yakkas and slimies, which can be obtained close in at the island. Though not to be out done, a few lure die-hards have caught them on jigs as well.

A couple of boats have ventured wide to the shelf and beyond in search of some beaked warriors, where 23 degree water crossing paths with 20-degree water has been found, but no conformation on fish as yet.

A 3-degree temperature line sounds like the perfect place to be, one would have to think a chance of a yellowfin tuna would be on the cards here.

From the island to the shelf the temperature has remained in the early 20's and marlin were fairly active this time last week, so one would assume with the conditions still the same, then some adrenaline pumping, tail dancing should be there for the taking.”

Dash also highlighted some excellent luderick fishing going on at the Princes Highway bridge at Narooma…