Elderly driver loses control while reverse parking: photos

A LOCAL Narooma man, aged 88, lost control while reverse parking at Midtown Narooma just after 11am on Friday morning.

Ambulance paramedics attended but the man was not injured.

Witnesses said he attempted to reverse park a couple of time but could not line up properly but on the third attempt, the car reversed at speed going over the kerb and crashing into a street directory sign.

A woman walking past down below in the car park got a fright of her life, but Subaru station wagon was held up on the embankment.

Family members were able to haul the vehicle back onto level ground and it could be driven away.

Interestingly the old street directory sign was broken revealing advertising for the town of Moe, Victoria, meaning it must have been recycled before being re-erected at Narooma.