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PLAYER PROFILE: Neville ‘Bodgie’ Robert Lee.

PLAYER PROFILE: Neville ‘Bodgie’ Robert Lee.

THIS week’s players profile Neville Robert Lee. Hereafter referred to as Bodgie Lee. Bodgie graced Narooma with his presence about five years ago as a local, after holidaying in Narooma for more than 50 years, in a little fibro shack in Hyland Avenue Narooma. Yes that little house on the flat that would house about 20 of his family and their mates every Christmas for 50 years then there were Easter holidays, school holidays, long weekends, weekends, in fact the Lee family did not need an excuse to arrive in Narooma, they just did.

Bodgie and his partner Laura are such a familiar face around the Golf Club, in fact poor Bodge has almost become a golfers widower since Laura took up golf a couple of years ago, add to that the Bingo that Laura plays eight days a week and all poor Bodgie can do with his time is to drink, fish, drink and play golf. The rest of the time is given to voluntary work around the golfy, mowing his neighbour’s lawn, helping his other neighbour build a house, playing Santa Clause at Christmas, kids golf, in fact you name it and Bodgie will do it.  He has three children - Tracey, who resides in New Zealand, Robert in Canberra and Tammy in Melbourne. Plays off a Handicap of 12, his best all time handicap was 4 at Gungahlin, Federal and other Courses in Canberra in the sixties.

Bodge drives a Limousine better than he drives a golf ball, his past history shows that he was a chauffeur in Canberra as a driver for the Pollies and the Country dignitaries; I'm led to believe that he played the role of Jeeves better than Jeeves himself. Now as a volunteer, he cooks up a storm better than he cooks up a barbecue and tells a better story than a bush poet, at a bushman’s breakfast, which leads me to tell a story that I wrote about Bodge.

There once was a chauffeur called Bodge,

Who used to drive for the lodge,

The skills as a driver, by this chubby li'l fella,

Were chosen by pollies, and even Mandella,

One could imagine the stories he'd tell,

He was the gentleman driver,

Known as the driver from hell.

Now we all know that bodgie loves a good beer,

And that’s all he requires as our top volunteer.

Every Golf Club needs a Bodgie Lee, and if we all had a Bodge what a great place it would be. 

A little bit of club history

HAS anyone ever wondered about that rather huge rock that sits off the rough on the 7th fairway, on the opposite side of the road from Phil Haines' new home, where would a rock of about 2 ton in weight come from, how did it get there, well this is how and when.

In the early 1950's Mr Harold Burke the greenkeeper of the day dug the rock by pick and shovel from the middle of the 7th fairway, with the aid of a 4x4 inch rail from the fence he jimmied that rock by himself from the centre of the fairway to where it sits today.

It took him one and a half days, as well as his regular work, this in my opinion is a feat of monumental proportion, it should be shifted down to the club house as a memory of one that served our beautiful club that we have in its early beginnings.

See ya next week in the Narooma News… bb 

Men’s golf

Tuesday, July 29 - 12 Hole Stroke

Winner, Bob Steel 41 net. Runner-up, Wayne Rollings 44 net c/b. Third, Kevin Seamons 44 net.

Nearest to pin: 3rd Bob Rapkins, 9th Alan Osborne, 17th Bob Steel.

Golf balls down to lucky Nigel Roberts on 45 net.

Thursday, July 31 - Men’s Stableford

A Grade: Winner, Robert Sayers 33 points. Runner-up, Laurie Holmes 32 points. Third, Brian Mills 31 points.

B Grade: Winner, Tony Hunt 35 points. Runner-up, Peter O’Kane 34 points. Third, Bodgie Lee 32 points.

C Grade: Winner, Gil Mott 34 points c/b. Runner-up, Bob Steel 34 points c/b. Third, Ray Morgan 34 points.

Nearest to pin: 3rd Paul Stokes, 17th Ben Ritchie.

Golf balls down to all on 29 points.

Friday, August 1 - 9 Hole Stroke

Winner, H McMillan 35 net. Runner-up, Tony Dellamarta 38 net. Third, M Pell 40 net.

Nearest to pin: 3rd Jim Jones, 17th Kevin Budds.

DPP 17th M Spong.

Golf balls down to lucky Ian Vincent.

Saturday, August 2 - Men’s Monthly Medal Stroke

A Grade: Winner, Chris Brown 71 net. Runner-up, Graham Kerr 72 net. Third, Nigel Roberts 74 net.

B Grade: Winner, Chris Eardley 73 net. Runner-up, Tony Cobcroft 74 net. Third, Peter James 75 net.

C Grade: Winner, Victor Zarb 75 net. Runner-up, Phil Johnson 77 net. Third, Stephen Shepherd 79 net.

Ladies Grade: Winner, Trish James 73 net.

Nearest to pin: 3rd Matt Corbett, 17th Matt Corbett.

Golf balls down to all on 79 net.

Narooma 9 Hole Ladies Golf

Stableford Competition, July 30

Winner:  J. Mapson 13 points

Second: E. Potter 12 points

Third: D.Johnston 10 points

Call Louise on 4476 5131 for enquiries or meet outside pro shop 9am Wednesdays.

Women’s golf

PLAY continues on the composite course while bridge works are undertaken, but that is not deterring our lady golfers with some wonderful scores being posted.  Merran Pell and Maddie Robinson produced an almost perfect 50 stableford points to win the third round of the 4BBB event last Monday.  Not to be outdone Lorna Smyth, Tina Wilson and Jenny McIntyre shot equally good scores on Wednesday.  There is some good form being shown coming into our club championships to be played over the next two weeks.

Monday, July 28 – 4BBB (round 3 of 5)

Winners M Pell and M Robinson 50 points.

Balls down to 46.

Wednesday, July 30 – Stableford

Division 1: Winner B Wilson 40, runner-up S Shelley 37.

Division 2: Winner L Smyth 42, runner-up J McIntyre 40.

NTP:  Division 3 - 3rd hole J McIntyre.

Balls down to 35.


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