Beersheba Lighthorse Anzac diorama unveiled in Narooma

THE community project of the Lighthorse diorama was officially unveiled by the school captains of Narooma Public School at Club Narooma on Sunday afternoon.

The diorama is a depiction of the Lighthorse Charge in the Battle of Beersheba and is made up of about 60 miniature highly detailed figurines that were donated by members of the community.

The idea was instigated and implemented a year ago by Narooma RSL sub-branch welfare officer, Ian Noormets with the help of RSL member and model maker Jeff Iles.

The diorama will remain on display at Club Narooma for the next year and then the pieces will be auctioned with the money raised going to Defence Care to help look after war veterans and their families.

Narooma RSL sub branch president Paul Naylor thanked Ian Noormets for his tireless work getting the community involved with the project.

The scaled models of the Lighthorse charge depicts the Battle of Beersheba where 800 soldiers of the Australian 4th and 12th regiments of the 4th Lighthorse Brigade under Brigadier General William Grant charged the Turkish trenches and with only horses and bayonets, overran them and captured the wells of Beersheba in what has become known as the ‘last successful cavalry charge in British military history’.

After 12 months of campaigning the community for donations to sponsor each of the figurines Ian and Jeff set about setting up the diorama.

The miniature sandbags that form part of the diorama are there to depict the trenches. There is also a handmade scaled model of the AE2 submarine that Club Narooma donated $1700 towards, along with other historical memorabilia.

Ian said he was proud of his efforts but insisted it wasn’t about him.

“It’s not about me; it’s just me doing my bit for the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Landing at Gallipoli.

“I have made some new friends over the last year and I am proud of the community and how they have come together to see this project realised,” he said.

After Jeff Iles spoke of the Battle of Beersheba everyone adjourned to the foyer of Club Narooma to watch the Narooma Public School captains of Narooma Public unveil the diorama.


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