Five rules for modern dating

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The web has given us access to endless information at the click of a finger, happening in real time all over the globe. It makes sense that it has also revolutionised the way we connect with each other.

Forget the days of sending a fax or picking up the phone without knowing who’s calling. These days employers conduct job interviews via video chats and text messages are used to communicate with your doctor, dentist, even your local pizza shop.

But dating is one thing that’s maintained its intrigue and surprise. The dizzying highs and yearning lows of dating are as exciting as ever in the modern online dating world, a pleasurable pursuit for us mere mortals hoping to get pricked by cupid’s pixellated arrow. 

So what are the modern rules of dating? Read on and find out. 

1. Don’t over-embellish yourself

There’s few among us who could say we hadn’t embellished our resume at some stage in our lives, but don’t be tempted to do the same for your dating profile. You want someone to be attracted to the real you, not your idea of the ‘perfect’ you. 

That means avoiding uploading photos that are more than 5 years old, exaggerating your height and talking yourself up as a fitness fanatic when there’s nothing you like more than a Sunday morning in bed with a good book.

Remember – you are someone’s perfect fit because of your little imperfections and quirks. 

2. Be ready to Google – and be Googled 

When you’ve lined up a date, it’s natural that you’ll have a healthy curiosity about them. If you’re going to have a peak at their Facebook account or peruse their profile on their work’s website, don’t forget to practice a little discretion.

There’s little more discerning than you mentioning a holiday you went on and your date replying ‘Oh, in 2014 when you went to New Zealand with your mother?’. 

3. Practice good ‘techiquette’ on your date

There’s something isolating about sitting opposite someone and staring at the back of their phone. It’s a clear message that whatever they’re looking at is more interesting than you.

So challenge yourself to not touch your phone – your work emails can wait, and it’s more important that the other person feels you are fully present and engaged with their company. 

If you must use your phone, to check the babysitter hasn’t burnt the place down or invited a boy over, just politely excuse yourself.

4. The post-date follow-up

You’ve had a great date and you’re floating on a cloud. Now how long should you wait before contacting them? It depends on your method of choice. 

Texting is a perfectly acceptable way to follow up with your date. The great thing about a text is there is no time constraint – the other person can receive it and reply in their own time. For this reason, sending a text 24 hours later is ideal.

If your method of choice is a phone call, be prepared to wait a little longer. A phone call is a more direct way to make contact these days, so the lead time between the date and follow up is slightly longer – more like two or three days. 

And remember – don’t commit the cardinal sin of the double-follow up. Your phone didn’t malfunction. They received your call or text. Now, you wait. 

5. Adding your date on social media

When it comes to online dating, both parties have come to the website with the same intention of meeting someone for a date. But our social media use is a little different. We tend to keep our social media networks limited to friends, family and co-workers, so it can be tricky to know when you’ve reached the stage where you’re welcome in your date’s network. 

As a general rule, after three dates it’s a safe bet you can friend-request someone and be accepted in return. By that stage you’ve probably got to know your date on the same level as a new friend might have.

But despite these modern dating rules, some things never change. The main rule of dating is to always be yourself and be open to learning about someone else’s true self. Authenticity never goes out of style, and the most attractive version of yourself is one that is open, honest and genuinely interested. 

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This article was sponsored by RSVP