Narooma local loves his elliptical bicycle

Local resident Wayne Mercer loves his elliptical bicycle and has been getting lots of comments as he rides it around Narooma and Moruya.

The tobacconist at Narooma and Moruya resident, purchased his ElliptiGO cycle up at Nowra about three weeks ago after seeing them being used online.

“I’ve got bad knees and haven’t been able to exercise properly for 16 years,” Mr Mercer said. “But I got onto this and have had no trouble at all.”

He was considering getting a partial electrical bike, but these elliptical cycles are a lot better as they were low impact but still allowed him to get the cardio exercise he needed.

And he has been getting lots of attention while out on the road and bike paths.

“People are taking video of me all the time,” he said. “I reckon this must be the most videoed bike in the shire at the moment.

“I’m wrapped with it for sure and I have been out riding for two hours at a time and I don’t get sore at all. It’s so addictive and so fun!” 

According to the website, elliptical bikes are designed more like a traditional bicycle with a similar brakes and handling system, but feature the stride-like motion of an elliptical trainer, reducing any impact on the joints.

“Users stand to operate an elliptical bike, unlike a traditional bicycle, so the user sits up much higher, making for better posture and better visibility when using the elliptical bike outdoors.

“Like a traditional bicycle, users maneuver the brake system with handle bar brakes, a shifter and grips, and a steering column to turn the elliptical bike.”