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TOO MUCH: Narooma News reader Dave Moore observed and photographed fuel prices on the way down to Melbourne last week finding Narooma was expensive.
TOO MUCH: Narooma News reader Dave Moore observed and photographed fuel prices on the way down to Melbourne last week finding Narooma was expensive.

Thanks to the ambos

Thank you once again to our wonderful Narooma ambos for transporting me to hospital and looking after me so well. 

These guys really look after you well.

They treat you like royalty. 

Wendy Brown


Fuel price difference

I was driving to and from Melbourne last week (school holidays) and was “doing” a snapshot of fuel prices between Narooma and Melbourne on Thursday.

APCO prices in Bairnsdale were at Melbourne prices: E10 115.9, Unleaded 117.9,  Diesel 115.5.

Woolworths Bega:  E10 and Unleaded 128.9, Diesel 125.9.  All prices before 4c discount.

Independent at Pambula were 5c more per litre than Bairnsdale on all fuels, (but) still way cheaper than Narooma.

Narooma Matilda Unleaded 128.9, Diesel 131.9. I dare not mention the expensive BP service station and Shell.

Even Bodalla’s two servos are cheaper than Narooma’s. 

Be interesting to see what fellow Narooma News readers think  about whether we are paying premium prices when other towns (holiday towns too) can do it a lot cheaper. Why?

Dave Moore


From the website:

Cultural fishing a ‘front’ to cover up commercial poaching: Everyone involved in this criminal act should not be able to harvest 'traditionally' any more. Taking advantage of an already better situation than the average Joe. I am the only person able to recreationally harvest 'abs' in my family, so this works out to be a few pieces each...not even an entree. To see this is mind blowing. This is happening a lot more than people think. Traditional fishing rights should follow traditional methods. No steel, no gunpowder, no nylon nets, no mask and snorkel, no outboards on boats. This should be a national news story.

Peter Fidler

Koori community opposes Bermagui Woolworths liquor licence: Can't see a problem. Bermagui is a seaside resort town. Naturally it will have a few licensed premises. The argument that a Woolworths license will make "grog and smokes" cheaper, therefore attracting the kids, is patently spurious. Last time I looked you had to be at least 18 years old to buy either! Makes you wonder if this mob have a pecuniary interest in restricting the amount of packaged liquor licenses in Bermagui.


Letters to the editor: In England they have knife amnesties to appease public concern. If you look online you will see a photo of a table with knives the same as you have in your kitchen. Once you blunten a knife it is just a piece of steel, so throw it in the bin. Why take it down to a police station? Once the bolt from a gun is removed the gun cannot fire and the bolt is just a piece of metal so throw it in the bin. Now remove 3 screws and you will have a piece of inert wood you can safely use as a chock for your front door and a piece of pipe to hold up a tomato plant. The amnesty does not target legally registered firearms in fact it allows unregistered firearms to become registered therefore creating more legal guns in the community. It is good to see some people who have more extreme views finally coming to their senses and supporting a campaign to increase the number of legally owned firearms in the community.


War on Waste comes to Narooma area cafes: Great to see Narooma News getting behind the "War on Waste". Be even better if more take away food businesses joined, to protect our precious natural environment.



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