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Narooma Men

Social Bowls Winners’ Circle: There was a good turnout on Wednesday with 44 bowlers making up seven rinks of triples and two rinks of pairs. The Maggsy Draw was highest winning margin and the winners were Henk Koster, Larry Hardingham and Peter McKay (skip) who had a very close first half for an 11 to seven lead after 11 ends before they clicked into top gear to win their match 28 to 12 against Peter Dillon, Peter James and Ray Gale (skip). Second place went to Jeff Iles, Graham Cummins and Tony Palmer (skip) who led 17 to six after 11 ends and continued their good bowls to take their match 28 to 12 against Warren Bender, Gerry Harvey and Peter Hattam (skip) in a Dixie Dean match.

There were two other Dixie Dean matches with Allan Chisolm, Rod Holman and Peter Jones (skip) picking up the last two ends for a good win over Keith Bowater, Neville Butt and Col Armstrong (skip). Garry Evans, Paul Read and Greg Ryan (skip) had a very close game with scores tied 17 all after 21 ends and for the second time in a couple of days Greg Ryan defeated Brian Seaman by a shot when Greg’s team took the extra end to win their match 16 to 17 against Ron Douglass, Dennis Maggs and Brian Seaman (skip). Ray Gale confirmed his drawing skills to record a resting toucher at 1.02pm, well done Ray.

On Saturday there was three rinks of pairs with the winners, determined by lucky rinks, being Garry Evans and visitor Bob Britton (skip) who were in fine form all afternoon to lead all the way for a good win over Tony Fryer and Henk Koster (skip).

On Sunday we had a great turnout with four games of triples and one game of pairs enjoying a friendly game in perfect Spring conditions. What a great afternoon we had with the lucky winners this week, with the lowest winning margin, Pat Wood and Paul Read (skip) who were down eight to nine after 11 ends before they hit the front late in the match to take their match 17 to 16 against Denise Holman and Janet Murphy (skip). Second place went to Betty Blakely/John Downie, Peter Hawker and Maureen Nankervis (skip) who were behind 11 to 13 before they hit the front after 14 ends and kept their slender lead to win their match 18 to 17 against visitor Bill Roberts, Sue Wales and Tony Gors (skip).

President’s Pairs: There was plenty of action in the President’s Pairs this week. Rod Holman and Peter Hattam (skip) led all the way for a 31 to 11 win over Greg Riley and Ray Gale (skip). Tony Fryer and Greg Ryan (skip) were down after 11 ends and with the scores 22 all after 21 ends they needed an extra end to take their game 23 to 22 against Peter Jones and Brian Seaman (skip). Ron Douglass and Tony Gors (skip) were down nine to 11 after 11 ends and with the scores level after 21 ends they took the extra end to win their match 18 to 17 against Darryl Goodridge and Keith Bowater (skip). Dennis Maggs and John Breust (skip) led all the way for a 26 to nine win over John McNamara and Neville Butt (skip). Jeff Iles and John Downie (skip) had a very tight match and after being down 10 to 11 after 12 ends they won some close ends to draw clear for a 20 to 15 win over Rod Holman and Peter Hattam (skip).

Consistency Singles: One game of Consistency was played with Jay Breust taking the lead early and continued that form to win his match 104 to 66 against Col Armstrong.

For Your Diary: The President Pairs draw is on the board with third round matches due to be completed on or before Sunday. Please make sure you play your Consistency game on or before the due date.

Narooma Women

Twenty-four bowlers found a sunny morning to greet them last Tuesday morning, but a cold, gusty wind was present early on. Four games of triples were played and the team making the best of the conditions was the in form combination of Cindy Newell, Leila Gosper and Helen Donovan (skip), who kept the pressure on for their “highest winning margin”; win against Cindy Newell, Sue Bender and Bev Bowater (skip). Leila made it a double after winning the 50 Club, Coral Read, Cindy Newell, Clare Cork and Jan Rapkins won raffles.

Past Presidents Fours: Rounds one and two were played last Thursday. Game one saw Coral Read, Denise Holman, Pat Wood and Margaret Naylor (skip) win against Jan Rapkins, Pam Grant, Mavis Hardy and Helen Donovan (skip). In the second game Vonnie Moody, Sue Bender, Bev Bowater and Sandra Breust (skip) led early then Jenny Coulson, Sue Wales, Gail Palmer and Dawn Kenny (skip) caught up to lead by a shot with an end to play. In an exciting finish Sandra’s team got up by one.

Round two matches were very close too, just two shots difference in both. Dawn Kenny’s team won against Marg Naylor in a tight finish. Cindy Newell, Isabel Halsey, Leila Gosper and Jean Vos (skip) played well to lead most of the way, then Sandra Breust claimed the game on the last end. 

Dalmeny Men

The persistent winds continued on our fine Monday afternoon 32 bowlers where just for a change the lowest winning margin decided the winners on 3 who were the very lucky trio of Bruce Cover-kins, Steal Coulson and Barry Arm-inter from the runners-up on 5 in Bob PD, the Adam’s boy Ken and Garry L-rentacar. Due to the conditions no resting toucher was recorded but the $452 jackpot was won by the President drawing the winning number for his team and opposition. The wrong bias sinners included triples by Punter Alan and Ex.PM Neil and one for Bodalla’s Danny while the raffle prizes went to the same old faces of Garry, Graham or Brett, previous winner Bruce and Ian East-off.

36 Thursday bowlers took to the greens in mainly sunny but variable wind direction speed and gusts but the highest winning points decided the winners in Ex.PM Neil, Sylvia Frontman and Macedonian Illya from the runners-up in the Foot-sen family Chris and Finn and Garry L-rentacar. The resting toucher went off to Stroke Wooflem but the $100 jackpot didn’t and the wrong bias sinners included Dr. McKenzie’s daughter Maureen, Par Budin, resting toucher Wooflem, Mayoress Olwyn and Garry again. The raffle prizes went to Scarf-man Jack, Snoopy Leigh (2) sent around again for Hook-ara Wort, Cheryl Badrim, Chef Keith and the one and only Mayoress Olwyn. It was sad to hear that our Jeff Loudon was back in hospital in Canberra and we’re all thinking of him and hoping the specialists can get on top of his problems.

Friday Twilight bowls numbers were down to 12 due to the start of the tradies competition but we all  enjoyed our games despite the rather cool breeze and the winners were new player Stuart Streams and top card Ace from the runners in gospeller Prus and Beam Dunbar. No resting toucher was recorded and the “Bodalla Hippy Sticks” award was won by Mayoress Olwyn and the Goose. Even with the tradies comp we have 5 available rinks to play on so get your names in early by 4.45pm Friday please to help organiser Dipper Ron with the cards and if your name is down and you can’t make it, ring the club earliest please.

In the semi-finals of the “100-up” competition Graham or Brett was up against Chris Silver-Jones and after a good start leading by 4 at the 2nd end he then let Chris get ahead to lead by 26 at the 11th end, 20 at the 16th end, but only 8 at the 19th end but despite his strong 15/5 finish over the last 2 ends, he lost to Chris 102/98 after 20 ends. Bruce Cover-kins streaked away in his match against Steal Coulson to be 26 ahead at the 8th end before Rob’s Minnie comeback for a 12 difference at the 10th end, but Bruce shot away again to be 20 in front at the 13th end. But Rob was not to be denied and started his run home to be only 6 behind at the 19th but an 8/2 finish on 20th end saw Bruce an all the way winner 106/94. We look forward to an exciting final between Chris and Bruce next week-end so come along for some good bowls and your support for the boys.

Dalmeny Women

It was a sunny Tuesday with a fickle swirling wind when five rinks of bowlers took to the Dalmeny greens. The final of the Consistency event kept us looking over to the far rink between our ends of social triples. The Consistency final was won by an in-form Enid Brooker from a spirited Gabby Cheel. The competition was keen throughout this handicap event so Enid and Gabby were worthy finalists. Well done to both women. Winners of the day were lead Margie Brown, second Chris Hansen and skip Alan Betts, whilst the runners-up were Judy Betts, Marg Carpenter and Finn Hansen. Margie Brown was closest to the spider and Lyn Dunbar scored the first resting toucher.

It was good to welcome the blokes to Tuesday bowls. It was also good to see Eunice Drake back on the green keeping pace very well. Great bowling from everybody! Maureen McKenzie and Gail Farrell took home the lucky raffle prizes. We sent get well greetings to a senior member, Dulcie Boyd. Diary dates are Past Presidents Day on November 14th and the Christmas Party on December 13th. There is always something happening at Dalmeny, the friendly club.


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