Narooma inlet speed limit reductions enforced

Narooma locals in the lead up to Christmas were disappointed to see jet skis being driven at high speeds around oyster leases at the top of Wagonga Inlet.

Road and Maritime Services boating safety officer, Shane Murtagh in the weeks since was able to speak to two Jet Ski operators in relation to speeding. 

Overall he was pleased to report that compliance with boating regulations had improved over this holiday period with fewer fines than normal.

Meanwhile, speed limits and safety markers on Wagonga Inlet have been changed.

The limit along the Narooma town wharf has been reduced from 8 knots to 4 knots to reduce damage to commercial boats and make disembarking safer for charter boat passengers.

The speed limit zone past the wharf, toward the inlet entrance, was however shortened to allow charter boats to test their engines before exiting the bar crossing.

In other changes, the speed limit on the western side of Narooma Bridge was also  reduced to 4 knots to reduce the impact of boat wash on Lewis Island, which has been eroding.

There was also a new shallow water special marker installed at the island to encourage boaters to stick to the deeper channel on the right as they headed upstream.

There also was a new isolated danger marker, topped by two black balls, just east of the bridge, to alert boaters as they approach the sheds at the bridge to a new sandbar which has appeared alongside the boardwalk.