Gold battle Breeze to draw in hot conditions

Kathie Thackray, Delma Thompson, Narelle Dansey, and Paula Underwood.

Kathie Thackray, Delma Thompson, Narelle Dansey, and Paula Underwood.

Narooma Gold played Bay Breeze in Batemans Bay on Thursday 12 April.

With 30-degree temperatures expected, play was started early to try and avoid the worst of the heat. 

Kathie Thackray and Narelle Dansey played their first two sets against Liz Barrington and Julie Boller. The first set was tight until three-all, but then Julie and Liz upped the anti winning the set 6-3. Kathie was frustrated that she just couldn’t establish a rhythm and was not much help to her partner.

Meanwhile Paula Underwood and Delma Thompson were up against Trish Wheeler and Madge Elliott. The score on the first set was 6 -2 to Narooma, however this was not a good indication of the great rallies that were had. Madge was playing her usual consistent game and it was hard to get the ball  past her.

Batemans Bay hit back in the second set, despite the increasing heat on the court. Paula and Delma put in a good effort, but the Batemans Bay girls wound up winning this one 6-4.

On the other court a real battle played out. Narelle was amazing and her usual consistent self. Kathie was still frustrated with her play, and it was soon 5-0 to the Bay girls. 

Narooma hung in there, and managed to claw their way back into the game. It wound up in a tie breaker which Kathie and Narelle won.

When we all went into the clubhouse, the division-one Bay girls had already decided it was too hot to continue play, but there was no thermometer at the clubhouse to check the temperature on the courts as per the playing guidelines.

Trish got a thermometer from the library and took it out onto the court where it registered 35, so play was cancelled on all courts.

The Flamingos and Bay Breakers had planned on continuing play and some players were disappointed to stop. But Narooma Gold and Bay Breeze were very happy to end with a two-set, 20-games all draw.