Letters to the editor

FOREST CAMPAIGN: Plans to log Corunna Forest have upset some Eurobodalla Shire residents, who gathered recently to protest.
FOREST CAMPAIGN: Plans to log Corunna Forest have upset some Eurobodalla Shire residents, who gathered recently to protest.

Fan of FOGO

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw an advertisement about FOGO (a kerbside Food Organics Garden Organics bin collection service, converting scraps to compost).

I was just watching War on Waste and thought this was such a great idea, so I jumped for joy as the advertisement said FOGO was coming to town from October 29th.

But I then sat down very quickly, as it was just for the Bega Valley.

I think Eurobodalla Shire Council should be in on it as well.

Let’s get this rolling immediately, Eurobodalla Shire.

Emma Carr


Each precious drop

Water, water everywhere … somewhere … anywhere?

You'd have to agree with John Ramsay's conclusions (Narooma News, August 8) that fishing does have a lot to do with forestry and vice versa.

Indeed our lives and health depend on water - without water, we simply will not survive. Let's be sure that among its many other important matters, our council is doing its utmost to ensure the long-term security of our shire's water supply and, importantly, that residents are kept aware of what's happening.

Towards the end of the previous drought, it was suggested each issue of the shire papers should contain a report on the amount of water in Deep Creek dam.

As we are approaching similar weather and climate conditions, should we be asking for this to be established on a continuing basis along with details of flows in feeder waterways, progress with the new southern dam and other related matters simply to keep these matters on the top of our priority lists?

Jeff de Jager


Protect source of tourism

Tourism is the dominant economic activity for the Nature Coast.

We attract people from all over Australia and overseas to the unspoilt coastline, lakes and landscapes. Why are we not doing everything to protect our greatest assets?

Corunna Forest forms the gateway to the heritage landscape of Central Tilba  and is due to be logged.

This is not just about trees sent to Japan for woodchips. (They import timber because they treat their own forests as sacred.)

Forests will not recover for at least 50 years. Erosion is likely to damage the fragile eco systems in Lake Corunna and Tilba Lake.

Many people in this shire have connections to Forestry. Forestry, when it was under the direct control of the state, was considered in its approach to habitat protection.

Unfortunately Forest Corporation has been encouraged by the current government to exploit forests for financial gain, with minimum regard for the environment.

The ability of the EPA to monitor and penalise infringements has been seriously and deliberately diminished.

Bega MP Andrew Constance has shown little regard, choosing to pass correspondence to other ministers despite more than 3000 online signatures and 448 handwritten signatures.

We are waiting for him to respond to a request to meet in the forest.

Extreme conditions are more frequent. Narooma marine station recorded 3.8 mm of rain in July.

Logging does not reduce fire risk. What is going to burn quicker?

A dry sclerophyll forest or a wet forest that will become rainforest if left to grow?

The canopy left on the floor to dry out increases the risk for neighbours.

John Ramsay

Corunna Forest Protection Group

Take a selfie and make history

NSW State Library wants Narooma to take a selfie and help make history.

Share your selfie on Instagram and become part of the biggest public display in history at the State Library of NSW, from October 6.

#NewSelfWales is an exciting new project which is turning everyday selfies into an immersive exhibition experience where you’ll be able to find yourself in the Library – literally.

State Librarian Dr John Vallance asks people from all corners of the state to get involved, get creative and share their portraits using the hashtag #NewSelfWales.

These portraits will feature alongside thousands from the State Library’s collection and from people around NSW, and ultimately become part of history as the Library captures the contemporary face of NSW in 2018.

#NewSelfWales is one of six free exhibitions to be launched as part of the grand opening of the State Library’s major new galleries, in the newly transformed Mitchell Building, on Saturday 6 October.

Selfies taken by the public will join over 3,000 intriguing objects handpicked from the Library’s underground stacks to go on display – many for the very first time – across areas of the Mitchell not open to the public before.

Visit the #NewSelfWales website: dxlab.sl.nsw.gov.au/newselfwales

NSW State Library