Numnutz annual Christmas swim on this weekend

They call them ‘nutz’ to go swimming in the cold water of Wagonga Inlet during the winter months, but that’s exactly what a group of dedicated swimmers from Narooma to Bermagui do, thus earning their name of the Narooma Numnutz and the Bermagui Blue Pointers.

Numnutz gathered at the Raw Prawn Bistro for the 2017 Christmas Party.

Numnutz gathered at the Raw Prawn Bistro for the 2017 Christmas Party.

The winter swimmers take to the water on Mother’s Day with the second last swim of the year taking place on Father’s Day.

On Saturday, the Numnutz will take to the water for their annual Christmas swim and party.

Long time Numnut(z) Brent Lockton said everyone was welcome to meet up at the Narooma Bridge on Saturday at 10am for the swim.

“We will be either swimming from the bridge to Bar Beach or from Bar Beach to the Narooma Bridge,” he said. “It will depend what way the tide is going at the time.”

Following the swim, the Numnutz will be retiring to the Raw Prawn Bistro at the Narooma Hotel where long time Numnutz sponsor, Scott Cavanaugh will be putting on lunch.

The Narooma Numnutz Winter Swimming Club was started 11 years ago by the then publican of O’Brien’s Hotel, Pat Murphy.

The tradition has continued on through the years, with the Narooma Numnutz being one of only a few Winter Swimming Clubs south of Sydney.

For further information contact Brent Lockton on 0418 978 292.