Marine Rescue crews face two jobs hours after receiving bravery awards

File photo.
File photo.

Just hours after receiving bravery awards for a rescue off Bingie in January, 2017, Marine Rescue crews in Narooma and Bermagui were back in action for two jobs on Wednesday, February 20.

Marine Rescue spokesman Glenn Sullivan said crews were activated for the first job just after midnight.

"I received a call from Marine Area Command at 12.10am for a 55-foot yacht caught in fish traps one nautical mile off Murrah Beach," he said. "The yacht was traveling from Tasmania to Broken Bay.

"Narooma 30 was activated with crew members Ross Constable, Paul Burke, and David Swilks. Bermagui 30 was also activated with crew members Alec Percival, Caron Parfitt, Babs Stephens, Hodges, and Greg Jones.

"Brian Gunther and Paul Houseman provided radio support from Narooma, and Linda Bailey was in Bermagui."

Mr Sullivan said the Bermagui crew arrived at the stricken vessel at 2.10am, followed by the Narooma crew 20 minutes later.

The location of the stricken yacht (DV).

The location of the stricken yacht (DV).

"The reason we sent two vessels was due to the possibility of further entanglement in the dark," he said. "We needed to make sure our crews were safe just in case there was an incident with the vessels."

Mr Sullivan said the stricken vessel was freed from the fish traps at 3.10am, and Bermagui 30 began towing the vessel at 3.15am.

Narooma 30 had returned to base by 4.10am, and the yacht was safely secured in Bermagui Harbour at 4.45am.

Bermagui 30 was activated again just before 10.30am for a stricken vessel off the Bermagui coastline.

A 26-foot Caribbean speedboat with five persons on board suffered mechanical failure near 12-mile reef.