Bermagui gun club again seeks to increase shoot days

Picture: Stock image
Picture: Stock image

Bermagui Field and Game is again seeking to increase the number of days it holds shooting events at its clay target range outside Barragga Bay. 

At the next meeting for Bega Valley Shire Council the club will apply to have an additional 12 shooting days per year for safety training at its Murrah River Rd site - on top of the 12 competition days it is already approved for - as well as the flexibility to hold a state shoot event on one weekend during the year.

This application is not the first attempt to increase the number of days the gun club can shoot at its site.

Seven years ago it lodged a request to allow an additional shooting day each month, but this was denied by council.

Bermagui Field and Game then asked for a review into the council's refusal to grant it additional days of operation, but in 2015 council refused the review.

In his current submission to council, club official Nev Brady said the monthly training day, ideally held on the second Sunday of the month, could allow qualified members to provide a firearms safety awareness course for people seeking to obtain a firearm licence. 

"For practical and safety reasons, this course, and associated training, cannot take place on a competition day," the submission read. 

The club was also seeking flexibility of this day "to ensure harmonious relationships" with their neighbours, particularly if a shooting event was to clash with another community event, Mr Brady said. 

He said the flexibility would also allow the club to have the opportunity to host a weekend state selection competition, which would bring economic benefits to the region through tourism. 

In the agenda for council's meeting on Wednesday, the council officer notes: "The sound of gun shots will be heard within the surrounding area, which contains a number of tourist-related establishments, namely tourist accommodation businesses of Mimosa Winery/Restaurant and the Four Winds venue site."

But the agenda states council officers had carried out noise monitoring during shooting days and noise levels had been found to be within the acceptable range. 

Council staff recommended councillors approve the proposal, although just over half of the 84 submissions council received from the public objected to it.

The meeting is at council's chambers, Zingel Place, Bega on April 10 from 2pm.