Letters to the editor: Thanks for firefighters, and a strong opinion on Narooma

BRAVERY: One of our readers wanted to thank local fire brigades for their work during the recent hazard reduction burns.
BRAVERY: One of our readers wanted to thank local fire brigades for their work during the recent hazard reduction burns.

Firefighters do more than just fight fires

I would appreciate your assistance in making public my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the paid and voluntary crew of the local Rural Fire Service.

On the weekend of June 1, 2019, conditions were at last favourable for a hazard reduction burn of a large section of a Y-shaped valley on Wagonga Scenic Drive, Narooma

The preparation, planning and effort has been ongoing for some considerable time.

The attention to detail and professionalism was outstanding in a potentially extremely dangerous environment of steep and rugged terrain.

Safety was a primary concern along with protection of the woodland and the critters that inhabit it.

As the First Nations People knew 'fire is a good tool, but a bad master'.

This part of the forest will flourish and the neighbours will be safer now that a sensitive COOL burn has taken place .

My special thanks to Adrian Cooper who had a lead role in safety, preparation, design and coordination of the burn, and the many crew members.

My thanks again to all for your contribution to responsible land management. Job well done.

Adrian Willis


More need to be done for young people

I have recently moved from Narooma, where I was living with my parents whilst trying to find a workplace that suited me.

My passion is motor vehicles, which is an extremely hard trade to carry out on the coast, the businesses want you to have an unrealistic amount of experience and, even if you do, they only want to pay you minimum wage or you have to be part of the family (which is something I came across an annoying amount of times).

The general population of the Narooma appear to be 'baby boomers' as an assumption. Their opinions and views are unrealitic as we don't live in a Truman show world.

They demand services that suit them, but as soon as something that the younger generations would like (e.g. fast food franchises, better after hours activities), they have massive arguments and create bumper stickers to only push their opinions more.

The disrespect I have had from the general public because i was 20 and still finding my feet in the town, let alone the world, was enough for me to never want to come back again.

In response to the Narooma News' Facebook post 'how do we keep what we love and boost jobs', the answer is it's not an achievable goal.

To keep what the locals love means no infrastructure that isn't related to coffee, short waiting times and the pharmacist.

For those that did/do work 40+ hours a week, there is nothing open by the time you get home, especially with travel time included.

The only way to boost jobs is by creating more job opportunities which aren't related to coffee or alcohol.

You need better venues for toddlers to be taken to as a sort of play center, just like the cities. You need arcade zones or mass shopping centers for teens/young adults. All of this brings jobs, larger general population, and more pros than cons if someone was considering living in Narooma or the surrounding areas.

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