We can do this ... Shire holds the viral line

The Eurobodalla Shire has a historic chance to hold the line on the pandemic causing so much tragedy and grief around the world.

We may not be immune to a global economy on life support, but we can keep COVID-19 itself at bay - and at a minimal level in the Bay, Moruya and Narooma.

Since before Easter we have held the line at just 10 confirmed cases.

This has not been easy and will not be easy.

Lockdown, for those of us in happy families, who have secure jobs, who can work from home and who have a stable home to work from, could be seen as a novelty - at first.

It is one that will wear thin very quickly.

For those living with stress, violence, loss of jobs, insecure housing - the nightmare just got worse.

Rampant COVID-19 is the last thing they need.

We must remain inspired by the idea of keeping our small shire safe for as long as possible.

We will get though this time only by putting our neighbour first.

That means caring about someone who has lost a job.

Caring about someone whose immune system is suppressed.

Caring about someone who is elderly.

Increasingly, as the results continue to roll in, it means caring for absolutely everyone.

The news a young nurse had died in the United Kingdom from this deadly virus is a warning to everyone that this pandemic is not ageist.

However, we have double the national average of people aged above 65 years in our shire - and we are more vulnerable than most.

We have held the line and we must continue to do so.

This does not mean heaping scorn and anger on anyone with an interstate number plate.

Yes, we want people to remain at home - but we do not know each individual's circumstances.

In this case the best form of social isolation is perhaps the age-old wisdom of not sharing judgement until we know the full facts.

Many people with homes in both the ACT and the Eurobodalla Shire contribute in so many ways to the health and goodwill of our neighbourhoods.

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