'What happened at Brou?': Letters to the editor

Fond memories of guest house

I am in search of any photographs of the Old Dalmeny Guest House which used to be in Noble Parade.

Photographs are proving extremely hard to find: I have tried many local sources with no results. The photos are wanted to illustrate an article. I remember the guest house well from the early 1970s when I was a small child. Thank you for your assistance.

I can be contacted by phone on 0478 850 939 or by email: ingrid@qualityquill.net.

Ingrid M. Smith


BROU CONCERN: Coastwatchers are concerned about trees felled at Brou Lake.

BROU CONCERN: Coastwatchers are concerned about trees felled at Brou Lake.

'What happened at Brou?'

Walkers were mystified to discover two big spotted gums chainsawed down and left lying on the foreshore at Lake Brou last Tuesday (May 26).

The 30-to-40-metre high trees have been cut down at the historical camping area on the north west side of the lake in the State Forest, off Tarourga Rd. It doesn't make sense. Not only are these perfectly healthy trees, they haven't even taken the wood, just left it where it all where it fell on the ground.

Forestry Corp had plans to log this area last year, but harvest plans lodged in their portal https://planportal.fcnsw.net/.showed an exclusion zone of 100 metres, right next to the lake. Since then the harvest plan has been withdrawn from the forestry portal so I can't imagine this is the work of Forestry Corp.

It's such a pity to lose trees in a special place like this. Eighty per cent of the Eurobodalla Shire was burnt in the recent bush fires according to the council. Cutting trees down here in an unburnt healthy area surrounded by National Parks seems so wrong.

There's a couple ways we could protect this forest including its addition to neighbouring Eurobodalla National Park or the creation a State Forest Flora Reserve. The area's a perfect candidate for protection. It is part surrounded by Eurobodalla National Park to the north-east, east and south-east, and it forms part of the Batemans Marine Park.

Lake Brou was classified as a Significant Coastal Lake in 2002 by the NSW Healthy Rivers Commission. As a State Forest Flora Reserve you'd still be able to take your dog and camp here, it wouldn't change the recreational opportunities and the bush will be able to come back. Eco-tourism is a sustainable business and there's potential right here. Visitors could drive through protected rather than logged forest to a lovely picnic spot. Coastwatchers would love to hear from locals interested in helping protect and advocate for the area. Email contact@coastwatchers.org.au.

Gillianne Tedder, Coastwatchers

Have your say on redistribution

The 93 electoral districts in New South Wales are being reviewed, and the boundaries redrawn if necessary, to ensure equal numbers of voters in each district.

This process is called redistribution and is required by legislation to take place after every second New South Wales State general election. The last New South Wales redistribution was finalised in 2013, with the resulting boundaries in place for the 2015 and 2019 State elections.

The redistribution process is being administered by an independent three-member Electoral Districts Redistribution Panel made up of the Chairperson, the Honourable Justice Arthur Emmett AO QC; the Electoral Commissioner for NSW, Mr John Schmidt; and the Surveyor-General of NSW, Mrs Narelle Underwood.

Voters move in and out of electoral districts and in and out of New South Wales. The voting population of some districts grows and declines in other districts. This can result in uneven numbers of voters across the State's electoral districts.

Visit elections.nsw.gov.au/redistribution

NSW Electoral Commission